Manali is an idyllic paradise famed for its scenic rhapsodies and tranquil quietude. The lofty snow clad mountains, undulating green valleys and rippling brooks and streams transport tourists to an Utopian Elysium. The quaint and sleepy town also abounds in handlooms that are renowned all across the country. Patti is one such archetypal Manali handloom product.

The icy mountains and glaciers enveloped in the gleaming milky white blanket of snow is a clear indicator of the freezing temperatures. The mountainous terrains are spine chillingly cold for a large part of the year and in winters the mercury soars below the zero degree mark.

The difficult climatic conditions mandates that the people shield themselves with adequate warm garments that will protect them against the cold. Consequently, heavy tweeds are a very common garment worn by the men. The art of weaving the material has escalated into a craft known as the Patti. The fine, soft wool obtained after shearing the furry hides of the gamboling lambs is used to make the tweed coats that are a rage all across the country as well as the globe. The Manali tweed coats, locally known as the cholas are also very heavy garments that keep out the cold and generate some warmth to the people of the quaint hill station.

It is interesting to note that the fine art of weaving the Patti is a much coveted job with the locals. Held in high esteem, the womenfolk whose are entrusted with the responsibility of weaving the fabric are actually paid an extra token amount as a tribute.