Manali Tibetan Crafts

Manali, the epicenter of scenic beauty, in Himachal Pradesh, is also well known for its handicrafts. Manali Tibetan crafts are quite famous and have souvenir-value for tourists. Like the Iranians, the Tibetans were adept at making carpets. The art of making carpets was handed down through generations and gradually improvised over the years.

The ancient settlers of Tibet were mainly Buddhists. In the pre-Independence era, there were very few artisans who were adept at making carpets and other handicrafts. But from that time onwards, several local centers have sprung up, where this ancient art is taught.

In accordance to the philosophy of Buddhism, the designs in the carpets depict simple motifs of the Bodhisattwa (Buddha incarnate), like Dragon, Golden Wheen, Lotus, Snow Lion etc. They represent Power, Purity (Wheel of Dhamma), Prosperity and Happiness.

During the political turmoil in Tibet, a large number of refugees have settled in parts of India like Dharmashala, Kullu etc. They have brought along with them, knowledge of the ancient art of carpet making and other handicrafts.

The Tibetan community in Manali specializes in making tastefully designed souvenirs like the Laughing Buddha, the Lotus and the Wheel motifs, and other wall hangings which tell tales about the pinnacle of craftsmanship attained by the Tibetans.

It's true that Manali is famous for its scenic beauty. But the informed tourist knows about the quaint Tibetan shops where these works of art are readily available. Manali Tibetan Crafts depict the zenith of finesse reached by these unpretentious craftsmen.