Manali Wood Crafts

The picturesque paradise of Manali is also famed for its exquisite paraphernalia of metal and wood crafts. Amongst the numerous varieties of handicrafts the idyllic and sleepy little hill station is famed for, the Manali wood crafts hold a special place.

Wood craft is essential a primordial handicraft practiced in the picturesque Kullu valley. Be the revered shrines, the quaint cottages in the bucolic hamlets or the sculptures and figurines of the venerable deities, they all contain elaborate sculpting of significant episodes from the epics and legendary mythological characters as well as floral motifs as well as carvings of animals.

The traditional exotica of the Manali handicrafts, have elevated the status of the popular local handicraft to an established art form. The Manali wood crafts can be bifurcated in to the classical works as well as an indigenous art practiced by the rural dilettante artists.

The temples and shrines in the towns of Manali and Prashar are embellished with the intricate wood crafts. The Malana village is famed for its sculptures that vividly illustrate the passionate and intimate art of lovemaking. Some of the fascinating wood works of Manali that are certain to enrapture tourists include:

  • Tripura Sundri Temple at Naggar
  • Prashar Rishi Temple at Kamand
  • Hadimba Temple at Manali
  • Adi Brahma Temple at Khokhan

The woodcarvings adorning the walls of these temples portray Lord Vishnu, Shiva, Ganesha and Narasingha, striking a variety of poses.

The aristocratic households of Manali are also decorated with exquisite and ornate woodworks. In fact at the entryway to these noble homes, visitors are greeted by the sight of splendid sculptures of deities. This local fine art has attracted legions of aficionados from the cosmopolitan cities and thus the aboriginal art form is today a celebrated and chic craft, requiring the highest levels of skill and expertise.