Capital of Manipur

Imphal is the most beautiful capital city in Manipur and is recognized as a tourist place in the far north east of India. Modern Imphal has gone tremendous change with the rise in tourism industry along with the other industries prevailing in Imphal.
The capital was split into east and west Imphal in 1997 and is known as west Imphal and east Imphal. The city is a little town where you can experience another world as it is a slow paced city with beautiful valley and landscape dotting the city. It is considered as one of the most ancient towns in the country. The city is situated at 790 altitudes from the MS level. The climate is salubrious and experiences tropical monsoons every year. Make use of the maps if you want to explore Imphal and the other cities nearby Imphal. It helps to know unknown places if you traveling on your own.

Imphal is well connected to various cities of India by roads, rail and Imphal has a domestic airport that provides flights to various cities of the country. Imphal is the political and the economic capital of Manipur. Many cultural programs are held in the capital including entertainment programs. Being a business center, Imphal sees a vast number of people from outside the state who come here to do business. Manipur is famous for various arts and crafts like the brassware, bronze ware, bamboo products etc. Manipur is also famous for its agricultural goods and people from the various parts of the state flock to Imphal to buy what they need. The city also consists of many industries and therefore most of the population in Imphal is also engaged in the industrial sector. Imphal is a developed city as compared to the other cities of the state. It comprises of various cinema theaters, talkies, airport, hotels, government offices, etc. There are various college, universities and school that provide education to the children of Manipur. There are many places of interest in Imphal like the Palace of Kangla, polo ground, which is considered to be the oldest polo ground in the world, the state museum, and the Khwairamband bazaar, that comprises of only women owned stalls and is considered the only one in the world. There are many tourists attractions in Imphal like the Shree Govindjee temple that is situated at the Royal palace of the maharajas. It is a sacred place of the people of Imphal and is a beautiful structure that involves many cultural activities. Tourists can also appreciate the war cemeteries that are built here in the remembrance of the Indian and the British soldiers who died in the Second World War. The Zoological gardens is also a good place that is not to be missed. It comprises of rare species like the Brow Antlered deer and is 6 kms from Imphal. The best time to visit Imphal is during the months of October to February. The climate can be hot during April to July and cold during October to January. Tourists can enjoy their stay and see the various shades of Imphal.

Last Updated on 15 March 2013