Manipur Media

Manipur media is the reflection of the social, economic and political relations of the state of Manipur. The democratic tool of the media in Manipur plays an important part in projecting the sentiments of the people and their opinions and views.
The tabloid and the electronic media of the state of Manipur have flourished well. Presently, there are 18 local newspapers and a single Imphal based television media called the ISTV.Televisions and satellite connectivity are available in almost each household of the state of Manipur. There is a great demand for cable network and the government has done well to distribute the satellite connections. However, the insurgent group Revolutionary People's Front has prohibited some of the channels like MTV, FTV and Channel V from being aired in the state. Hindi movies are also prohibited from being aired in the Imphal Valley.

The Hindi Boycott conducted by the Manipur Students Union established ripples of xenophobia through the state of Manipur. The result was the rise of the ethnicity and the growth of the state's local newspapers and the electronic media. However, the media is often the instrument used in protest of actions and suffers greatly from such insurgencies. The quality and the quantity of matter in the local newspapers also vary as compared to the Naga newspapers that earn a lot of revenue. At present, there are 15 newspapers in Manipur that are published in the local language. There are three newspapers that are published in English. The English daily Manipur Mail is printed in the tabloid format.

Newspapers in Manipur

Newspapers in Manipur are the democratic instrument that reiterates the views and opinions of the citizens of the state. The newspapers of Manipur are the voice of the people of Manipur and are an appropriate reflection of the political system and the socio-economic relations of the people residing in the valley of Manipur. Presently, there are 18 newspapers that are published in the state of Manipur. These newspapers provide news of local, national and international importance.The newspapers of Manipur comprise of local newspapers and three English dailies. The Imphal Free Press and the Manipur Mail are the two newspapers of the state of Manipur that are published in English. The Matamgi Yakairol and the Sangai Express are the two newspapers that are published in both English and Manipuri versions.

Punsh I and Imphal are the two dailies that are printed and published in the evening mail. Some of the other Manipuri newspapers are listed below:
  • AJA
  • Hueiyen-Lanpao
  • Chingtam
  • Kangleipakki Meira
  • Mannaba
  • Naharolgi Thoudang
  • Meeyam
  • Ningtam Lanpao
  • Prajatantra
  • Paonilkhol
  • Poknapham
  • Sanaleibak
The publication of the Hindi newspapers in Manipur was prohibited by some ethnic groups. The result of such prohibition was the rise of the local newspapers of the state. Of the several tribal newspapers, the AJA is published in the Tangkhul dialect, used by the people of the state.

Last Updated on 15 March 2013



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