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District Map of Ukhrul

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*Ukhrul District Map highlights the National Highways, Major Roads, District Headquarter, etc in Ukhrul . Disclaimer

Ukrul is a small town and a district in the state of Manipur and stands for the administrative head quarters and also carries the tradition and culture of the Tanghuls. The town is the home of around 80,000 people from all fields of life.

Geographical location

The total geographical area of Ukhrul is around 8,200 sq km and lies at an altitude of 913 m to 3114m MSL. The temperature of the district is 3 degree Celsius to 33 degrees Celsius. The place receives 1600 mm to rainfall to 2100 mm. it is located at 24N to 25.41 N, 94 E to 94.47 E. Ukhrul is situated about 83 km from Imphal, which is the state capital and also has a national highway running through it. The district is bordered by Myanmar to the east and therefore becomes a sensitive place as it has an international border. Imphal lies to the east and to the west like Senapati district and Nagaland to the north. It has a hilly terrain with varying heights.


Tuyeng and Maklang are the primary rivers of Ukhrul that lie in the Kasom Khullen and the Kamjong sub-division. River Thoubal originates in Ukhurl and flows from north Ukhrul and is recognized as the longest river of the district.

People of Ukhrul

Tangkhuls live here and are highly cultured people. Tangkhuls can be recognized with their pierced earlobes. They are originally of the Mongolian race and their language is called the Sino-Tibetan. They are from the north and the south west China and Tibet.

The people of Ukhrul cultivate rice, maize, cabbage, groundnuts, leafy vegetables, potato, chilies etc. Fruits like sugarcane, orange, lemon, and banana are grown here in plenty. Cotton production is also carried on, on a large scale. Their staple food is rice and vegetables.

Festivals of Ukhrul

As the people of Manipur were agriculturists, all the festivals are observed around the agricultural activities. They are followed by religious rituals and people also observed strict codes of conduct during the feasts. Some of the major festivals are the Luira, which is the seed sowing festival and is observed around the months of January to March. People entertain their guests and offer grand meals and drinks. The Yarra is another ante-cultivation festival that comes around the months of April and May and is mainly a youth festival. Mangkhap is a post - Trans -plantation festival in the month of July and the people observe religious traditions and thank the rains and the god for a good crop.

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