MSF Expo Product Marketing, Mumbai Shopping Festival Product Marketing

Product marketing-MSF Expo is a vital component of the fair as it one of the top priorities of the organizers. The marketing of products at the Mumbai shopping festival of 2008 is been undertaken on a grand scale. The event itself is estimated to be one of the high profile events in the calender year. Therefore it requires the employment of the very best of marketing strategies. Marketing campaigns have been launched exclusively for this purpose by both the fair organizers as well as the individual shop owners and proprietors.

The first phase of product marketing at the Mumbai shopping festival entails the optimum utilization of the print media. The marketing strategy also involves the arrangement of interactive games and informative quiz contests. The gifts and prizes at stake constitute the incentives. The audio visual medium also plays a significant role in garnering mass attention. The promotional events include advertisements on the various television networks and radio channels. The press releases and conferences preceding the event help to generate sufficient public interest. The presence of celebrities at the promotional campaigns also helps to increase the footfall at the fair.

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Last Updated on 23 March 2011