Apartments in Mumbai

Here is providing you information on the type of apartments available in Mumbai. The term 'apartment' implies a self-contained housing unit that occupies a part of a residential building.

Mumbai have apartments of various sizes and have different built up areas, which describes the size of the apartment. For the sake of practicality apartment buyers, sellers and developers refer to apartments in 'BHK'.

The term 'BHK' stands for Bedroom, Hall (both living and dining) and kitchen. Most of the apartments available in Mumbai have either 1or 2 or 3 or 4 bedrooms. The 1 BHK apartments have one bath and one toilet (separate in certain cases). The 2 BHK apartments have two bedrooms- one of them is the Master bedroom and all the occupants share a common bath.

The large 3 BHK apartments may have large sized living rooms with a separate entrance/exit for maids. The service area is also considerable in size.

The smallest apartment accommodation in Mumbai is the small one room kitchen with a size of approximately 400 square feet. For the well heeled there is a choice of Bungalows, Penthouses, Row houses and Villas.

The Mumbai apartment can also be a duplex or a triplex, i.e., the living area is present in two or three levels. This type of apartment is expensive and only the real rich can afford this type of accommodation.

The average sizes of Mumbai apartments are:
  • 1 BHK- 400 to 700 square feet
  • 2BHK-800 to 1300 square feet
  • 3 BHK-900 to 3000 square feet
  • 4 BHK-1300 to 4000 square feet
The size of each apartment differs from building to building in the Mumbai municipal area.

Last Updated on 28 May 2013