Amusement parks in Mumbai

Mumbai city, an urban metropolis bustling with the chaotic activities of city life offers its citizens and tourists a whiff of refreshments through the medium of amusement parks. Amusement parks in Mumbai are modeled after its renowned international counterparts and offer its tourists ample scope for fun and frolic.

The people of Mumbai, a busy city that never sleeps snatch a well-deserved break from their hectic lives and hit the amusement parks looking forward to some leisurely enjoyment.

Essel World, located near Gorai Beach is India's very own Disneyland. There is special transport to ply visitors to the park. The park abounds in roller coasters, thrilling theme rides and a water world zone where children and adults frolic. Spread over an expanse of 64 acres of idyllic green, Essel World offering a total of 40 rides boasts of Asia's largest ever Water Kingdom.

Located at Jogeshwari, within Mumbai's boundaries rests Fantasy Land, an amusement park for the young and the old. Rambling over an expanse of 30 acres and set in a lush green landscape the park offers an array of scintillating adventure rides. The Italian merry-go-round, swinging pendulum, the Master Blaster that takes the riders straight from the zenith to the nadir, the speedy tumultuous Slam Bomb, the Grand Slam grand prix and the creme de la creme roller coasters which after a 360? somersault leavers the riders suspended in air are some of the rides that are Fantasy Land's claim to fame.

Besides these Mumbai boasts of a plethora of other amusement parks with their unique mode of entertainment . A trip to Mumbai remains incomplete without letting your hair down and gamboling in

Last Updated on 24 May 2013