Essel World in Mumbai

Essel world, situated in the city of Mumbai, has earned the honour of being the best amusement park in the country. Designed on international patterns, the park attracts numerous visitors across the country. Around 1.8 million people make their way to the park every year. Essel World is just the place you would like to be at if you are an admirer of thrill and excitement. The rides at Essel World will leave you thrilled.

The rides in the Essel World are divided into three categories; family rides, adult rides and children rides.

The Family Rides

The Fuji Aqua Dive is one of the most sought after family rides at the place. It is a rollercoaster ride which will make your heart skip a beat when it will speed down a 50 ft high steep track into a cool pool of water leaving you completely drenched.

Sitting on the monster and getting caught in its tentacles will definitely give you goose bumps. This giant ride spins the chairs seated on its tentacles in the air at a mind-boggling speed taking your breath away in fear.

Monster in the mist is a haunted house where you will encounter several effigies of ghosts and loud and scary noises from all the directions will welcome you. Don't shout in disbelief if someone grabs your hand or leg or plays with your hair. Be prepared to be scared. The other fun filled rides include Crazy Cups, Road Train, Riki's Rocking Alley, Tilt-a-Whirl, Zipper Dipper, Highway Cars, Hedge Maze, Fun Net, Haunted Hotel, and Prabal the Killer.

The Adult Rides
There are eight rides in the adult rides section. These rides are more fun and you will definitely enjoy yourself. The Thunder, The rainbow, Zyclone, The Enterprise, and Hoola Loop, all these rides will give you goose bombs and leave you teary eyed because of the excitement and thrill. You would be shaken at a rocking high speed, spun in the middle of the air, and would brought to the ground while not giving you any time to realize what is happening to you. But once you overcome the initial shockers, you are bound to enjoy every single moment of your time on these rides. The rides are rightly clubbed under the adult rides section as it requires a lot of courage and stamina to try them out.

The Children Rides
The children's rides include 12 fun- filled and less scary rides. Junior Go Carting, Big Apple, Nataraj Caterpillar, and Play Pot are the most popular ones. The Natraj Mini Telecombat also makes among the much loved children rides. It's a whole lot of fun for children to sit in these fighter planes while attacking and firing at each other. Children's boat ride makes children feel like sailors on an adventure trip.

Besides, Ricky's Bowling Alley and Ice Skating Rink (currently under renovation) also make for major crowd pullers in the Essel World. To satisfy your taste buds you can head to any of the several eating joints at the place. There are restaurants like Southern Treat, Happy Singh da Dhaba, Taipan, Domino's, Mumbai Masala located in the vicinity of the Essel World.

You can also make your way to the Water Park located next to the Essel World to relieve yourself of the scorching summer heat and enjoy diving and splashing in water with your family and friends.

How to Reach Essel World
From Borivali jetty you can take a ride that will cost you around 35 INR. The rise will take 15 minutes to reach the Essel World. You can also drive down the Mira-Bhayander road from Kashimira and look for the Essel World sign-ages to reach the destination. The one hour drive is worth the while as you will be able to see some amazing landscape.

Timings: The Park remains open on all days between 10 am to 6 pm. However, the closing timings are exceeded by 2 hours on weekends and in case of school holidays.


Address: Gorai Island, Borivali (West) Mumbai - 400 091
Telephone: +91 22 2845 2222/ 2473/ 2474
Helpline: +91 22 6528 0305 (8am to 10pm)

Location of Essel World, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Essel World - Entry Fee, Timing, Address, Official Website

AddressBorivali West, Gorai, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400091
Entry to park @ ₹ 90 and ₹ 300 redeemable on rides, food & merchandize : Basic (Adult / Child)(Adult: height above 4'6")(Child: height between 3'3" & 4'6") :Rs.390
Access to all Adult & Family rides Silver Adult (height above 4'6") :Rs.1270 /Silver Child (Child: height between 3'3" & 4'6") : Rs.900
Price @ ₹ 490 + ₹ 1270. Privilege entry to park & no queue to rides. Access to all Adult & Family rides Fast Track + Silver (Adult) (height above 4'6") Rs.1760
Price @ ₹ 280 + ₹ 900. Privilege entry to park & no queue to rides. Access to all Kid & Family rides Fast Track + Silver (Child) (height between 3'3" & 4'6") Rs.1180
Entry to EsselWorld + Water Kingdom on same day of visit Combine (Adult) (height above 4'6") Rs.1710 /Combine (Child) (height between 3'3" & 4'6") Rs.1170
Entry to either of the parks three times a year Annual Pass - Passport Next Rs.1890
Timings : "Monday - Thursday - 10:00 AM to 7:30 PM
Friday - Sunday - 10:00 AM to 9:30 PM "
Phone No (Official)+91 22 6158 9888
Photography allowed or notAllowed
Nearest railway stationBorivali Railway Station

Last Updated on: May 3, 2019