Religious Places in Mumbai

Muumbai Religious Places Map

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Muumbai Religious Places Map
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*Map showing the location of Religious Places in Mumbai, Maharashtra Disclaimer

Mumbai city, India's urban metropolis housing the nation's industrial and financial powerhouses is also the country's entertainment capital. Ironically, there is no dearth of religious places in Mumbai. It is interesting to note that urban metropolis, formerly identified by the name Bombay was renamed Mumbai to pay tribute to the local deity Mumba Devi.

Mumbai is a secular city where everyone is entitled to his or her own religious practices. The city abounds in pristine temples, venerable mosques, beautiful churches and tranquil synagogues.

The Hindu populace of Mumbai worships the legendary Mumba Devi, resplendent in orange sindoor and enshrined in the Bhuleswar Temple and her several manifestations. Saraswati, the erudite Goddess of learning, Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, Ma Durga, the supreme Goddess of War and Bacchur Ma, the Goddess of virility are some of the eminent worshipped by the city. The primordial Banganga tank, visited by Lord Rama on his way to Lanka is also an eminent pilgrimage site.

The city also houses some of the country's most beautiful churches and cathedrals, some of which even provide affordable and comfortable accommodation. These Anglican sanctums boast of a colonial architecture and stand tall amidst the daily hustle and bustle of an urban metropolis and are a hallmark of British Rule in India. The churches are hospitable and cordially welcome people from all sects and religious practices to their holy sanctum. One of the most celebrated churches in Mumbai is the Afghan Church, built to commemorate St John the Evangelist.

Mumbai city also houses the venerable Jama Masjid, a primordial mosque built in the year 1770. The serenity of the mosque is at odds with the chaotic city, an oasis of idyllic peace. The resonant echoes of the azaan offered by the pious Muslims at dusk can be heard for miles and adds to the harmony of the place. There is also a Jain Temple on Malabar Hill replete with colorful frescoes of celestial beauty.

Last Updated on October 29, 2015