Mumbadevi Temple in Mumbai

Mumbadevi Temple in Mumbai is the temple of Maa Mumbadevi. Mumbai has derived its name from Goddess Mumbadevi. It is built to pay a tribute to the Goddess of Mumbai. There is a great mythological story attached to the creation of this temple.

The Mumbadevi Temple is situated at Bhuleshwar in Mumbai. Earlier the temple of Mumbadevi stood on the present day Victoria Terminus, which is situated in the central island of Mumbai. The current name of the city is derived from the resident deity of Mumbai, Goddess Mumbadevi. The temple itself may not impress much as there are not much architectural value added to it. Still it is an significant landmark as it is dedicated to MumbaDevi, the patron Goddess of the great city of Mumbai. Bombay has got its local name, Mumbai from this deity.

The benevolent Goddess Mumba, is dressed in silver robes and is ornamented with nose studs. She is the presiding deity of Mumbai. Mumba is a goddess who has no mouth and her face is orange colored. This may be a significant representation of the Mother Earth. She is worshiped with great devotion by the fisher folk called Koli.

In the Mumbadevi Temple, apart from the image of the Goddess MumbaDevi there also resides idols of Ganesh Indra, and Hanuman. It is believed that the Maa Mumba does not let down any of her devotees if they are sincere while offering their prayers.

On Mondays the temple remaines closed. Outside the temple of Devi Mumba, there are stalls, which sell flowers, garlands and other things needed for offering 'puja'. Jasmine, pink lotuses and orange marigolds are some offerings, which is considered auspicious and lucky by her devotees.

Last Updated on 19 May 2011