Chowpatty Beach in Mumbai

Chowpatty Beach is located on the north of Marine drive. Especially on weekends and holidays, the lively Chowpatty Beach turns into a picnic spot for the people of Mumbai. While on the ordinary working days, during the evening people come for a break from the tedious routine life. People of all age from young children to elderly people come here and enjoy the beauty of the sandy beach.

People do not just come here to soak in the beauty of the beach, but also to enjoy the lip smacking snacks that are served here. The food stalls on the Chowpatty Beach serve Bhelpuri, pao bhaji, batata puri, sev puri, ice cream, fresh green tender coconuts, Chaat and many more.

At the time of Ganesh Chaturthi festival, celebrated between August and September, the scene at the beach is completely different. Thousands of people come to Chowpatty Beach on this day to immerse the huge idols of Lord Ganesha, after offering prayer to him for ten days. The indomitable spirit of the people of Mumbai can be seen during this time.

The evenings at Chowpatty Beach is wonderful, sitting on the golden sands with blue sea in front, every thing seem to be very lovely. The evenings at the Chowpatty Beach is similar to a colorful carnival with all kinds of attractions right from snake charmers, different rides for children including of merry-go-rounds and ferry wheels, to pony rides, monkey shows and so on. You will even find astrologers, artists, and gymnasts trying to earn some money through their activities. A visit to Mumbai is incomplete without visiting the Chowpatty Beach.

Last Updated on 234 May 2013