Apple Watch to Debut in April

Apple watch

Apple watch

Apple Inc has continuously awed the world with its high-end and innovative products. The company, which has constantly been trying to make technology more personal, is now all set to launch its long-anticipated Apple Watch.

The product is expected to be an amalgamation of high-end technology and aesthetics. It is believed that the sophisticated timepiece will start a new chapter in the relationship between man and technology. The Apple Watch, which was announced along with the iPhone series last year, has created much excitement among the tech savvy population around the world.

Key Requirements and Specifications

  • Users require an iPhone (variants of 5 or 6 series) or iPad to use the Apple Watch
  • Integrated with iOS features
  • Retina touch screen display with sapphire glass which enhances readability of text
  • High-quality stainless steel design
  • Available in sizes – 38mm (pixel resolution of 340 x 272) and 42 mm (390 x 312)
  • Features a Digital Crown home button which helps in smooth navigation, scrolling and zooming
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g and Bluetooth 4.0 to pair with all iPhones
  • It is powered by a custom Apple S1 Sip (System in Package) chip
  • Includes an accelerometer and built-in heart rate sensor
  • It has a microphone and speaker for phone calls and audio
  • Supports Magsafe wireless charging which enables the user to wirelessly charge the device
  • Integrates Apple’s intelligent voice assistant Siri
  • Available in 3 models –

Apple Watch: Choice of straps with different designs such as leather band that auto attaches, traditional link bracelet or classic ‘Milanese’ loop. It can be worn throughout the day and during all activities.

Apple Watch Sport: It comprises advanced fitness applications and comes with a high-performance fluoroelastomer sports band which is sweat resistant. Available colours are white, blue, green, pink and black.

Apple Watch Edition: Made of precious metal (with 18-carat rose or yellow gold case).

Unique Features

Health Monitoring Tool: The high-end smartwatch, which will be positioned as a fashion item, has amazing health-related applications. The Apple Watch comes leaded with health-monitoring tools. There are four sensors at the back of the device which will monitor a user’s heart rate and a gyroscope, which can track their overall activity levels during the day. The data will be carried forward to the Activity App and Workout App. The users will also be able to set workout goals and improve the general health conditions. It will also measure the number of calories the users have burnt.

Screen: The screen of the smartwatch has capacitive capabilities. This has been provided as the users have to resort to hard taps and gentle swipes to access applications.

Overall Time Keeping: The users can put a wide variety of components on view such as sunrise/sunset, world clock, weather and even the stocks (percentage change, current price among others). It is not only an immaculate timepiece but will also help the user in utilising time to the fullest. Users can customise alarms, moon phases and calendars as well.

Apple is expected to come up with the most advanced and urbane range of smartwatches by April 2015. Apple Watch will be made available initially in the USA with prices starting at $349 (around Rs.21, 600). The combination of premium quality, sleek designs and stylish technology will surely give the Apple Watch an edge over other smartwatches.

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