Bihar Elections and the winner is …..Democracy!

Who Wins Bihar Election 2015

Who Wins Bihar Election 2015
Who Wins Bihar Election 2015

Before the results are finally announced, there is already a clear winner….Indian democracy!

2015 Assembly elections in Bihar have further strengthened democracy in the way and manner it was organized and conducted. The best recognition and tribute to this has come from the people of Bihar who turned up in record numbers, especially women. And all kudos to the Chief Election Commissioner and his entire team to have planned, supervised and executed an excellent series of elections.

Recognition must also be extended to the dedicated paramilitary forces and local Police personnel that were deployed across the state. Almost always they are made to work under challenging circumstances, and for the past month they have had to shift from location to location. The fact that the entire election process was conducted without any major incident is a recognition to all the preventive measures that were undertaken by them, and it was their presence in significant numbers that gave the people of Bihar confidence to come out and exercise their franchise without any fear.

Given Bihar’s record for lawlessness during elections which included booth capturing, voter intimidation, coercion, kidnappings and even murder, it is indeed creditable that a state like Bihar has shown how much democracy has matured and now the same must be further strengthened in other states that come up for elections in 2016.

The counting process is underway and the EC’s office has once again made elaborate arrangements to ensure smooth and transparent process with free flow of information in real time to all stakeholders.

Counting is taking place at 39 counting centres across the state and has begun at 0800 hours, while the voting trends will start showing up by 0930 hours. Over 14,500 officials have been deployed to support the process. Counting of postal ballots shall be taken up first and EVMs will follow next. The entire counting process is being video recorded and the software being used in the counting process will ensure transmission of data in real time.

40 control rooms have been set up to monitor and ensure a free and transparent counting process at all locations. The EC’s office has ensured a three-tier security net that is being fully supported by 70 paramilitary companies which have been deployed at all centres.

The Election Commission has done its part, the people have done theirs, and it’s now for the new government that gets elected to do the best that they can for the state.

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