Barpeta Pin Code

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LocationPincode State District
Akaya781329 AssamBarpeta
Ambari781316 AssamBarpeta
Amdah781325 AssamBarpeta
Amguri781317 AssamBarpeta
Amrikhowa781307 AssamBarpeta
Anandabazar781316 AssamBarpeta
Anchali781327 AssamBarpeta
B D pathar781316 AssamBarpeta
B Noontola781317 AssamBarpeta
Baghbar781308 AssamBarpeta
Baghmarabazar781328 AssamBarpeta
Baghogra781330 AssamBarpeta
Bagodi781309 AssamBarpeta
Baharihat781302 AssamBarpeta
Bajali College781325 AssamBarpeta
Bakua781327 AssamBarpeta
Balabitha781313 AssamBarpeta
Balagaon781319 AssamBarpeta
Balapet781317 AssamBarpeta
Balikuri781319 AssamBarpeta
Bamakhata781325 AssamBarpeta
Bamunkata781327 AssamBarpeta
Bamunkuchi781326 AssamBarpeta
Bankubhanga781319 AssamBarpeta
Baradi781314 AssamBarpeta
Barbala781316 AssamBarpeta
Barbang781325 AssamBarpeta
Barengabari781315 AssamBarpeta
Barghol781302 AssamBarpeta
Barkapla781307 AssamBarpeta
Barmazara781316 AssamBarpeta
Barnagarcollege781317 AssamBarpeta
Barpalli781314 AssamBarpeta
Barpeta781301 AssamBarpeta
Barpeta Bazar781301 AssamBarpeta
Barpeta Road781315 AssamBarpeta
Baslajan781308 AssamBarpeta
Batabari781326 AssamBarpeta
Betbari781327 AssamBarpeta
Bhakuamari781325 AssamBarpeta
Bhalaguri781316 AssamBarpeta
Bhalukadoba781317 AssamBarpeta
Bhatkuchi781314 AssamBarpeta
Bhella781309 AssamBarpeta
Bheraldi781309 AssamBarpeta
Bhetua781325 AssamBarpeta
Bhogarpar781309 AssamBarpeta
Bhogdia781305 AssamBarpeta
Bhogpur781329 AssamBarpeta
Bhoiraguri781309 AssamBarpeta
Bhoirarpam781308 AssamBarpeta
Bhotanta781328 AssamBarpeta
Bhotantasaderi781325 AssamBarpeta
Bhowanipur781352 AssamBarpeta
Bilashi Para bazar781315 AssamBarpeta
Bonghugi781321 AssamBarpeta
Burikhamar781309 AssamBarpeta
Byaskuchi781307 AssamBarpeta
C Bazar781317 AssamBarpeta
Chachaka781317 AssamBarpeta
Chakabusi781308 AssamBarpeta
Chandmama781321 AssamBarpeta
Chaparbari Bazar781352 AssamBarpeta
Charcharia781319 AssamBarpeta
Charnabazar781328 AssamBarpeta
Chenga781305 AssamBarpeta
Chenglimari781316 AssamBarpeta
Dabaliapara781316 AssamBarpeta
Daisingri781329 AssamBarpeta
Deoldi781321 AssamBarpeta
Dhakua781309 AssamBarpeta
Dharmpur781308 AssamBarpeta
Dpdeolsdi781308 AssamBarpeta
Dubi781325 AssamBarpeta
Duramari781317 AssamBarpeta
Erabamundi781309 AssamBarpeta
Gahia781309 AssamBarpeta
Gajia781314 AssamBarpeta
Galia781352 AssamBarpeta
Ganakkuchi781314 AssamBarpeta
Gandhipur781327 AssamBarpeta
Garaimari781314 AssamBarpeta
Garatari781309 AssamBarpeta
Ghilajari781316 AssamBarpeta
Ghugubari781319 AssamBarpeta
Gobardhana781315 AssamBarpeta
Gobindapur781326 AssamBarpeta
Golagaon781327 AssamBarpeta
Gomafulbari781302 AssamBarpeta
Guagacha781313 AssamBarpeta
Gunialguri781319 AssamBarpeta
Habidongra Bazar781308 AssamBarpeta
Hathinapur781325 AssamBarpeta
Howly781316 AssamBarpeta
Hudukhata781316 AssamBarpeta
Ishapur781321 AssamBarpeta
Jahurpam781314 AssamBarpeta
Jalahghat781327 AssamBarpeta
Jania781314 AssamBarpeta
Jarabari781314 AssamBarpeta
Jasihatipara781316 AssamBarpeta
Jatradia781305 AssamBarpeta
K Bari781330 AssamBarpeta
Kadang781314 AssamBarpeta
Kadomtola781308 AssamBarpeta
Kalahbhanga781315 AssamBarpeta
Kalgachia781319 AssamBarpeta
Kalpani Bazar781315 AssamBarpeta
Kamalabari781307 AssamBarpeta
Kamalpur781352 AssamBarpeta
Kamargaon781317 AssamBarpeta
Kapahtolichikni781321 AssamBarpeta
Karaguri781307 AssamBarpeta
Kardoiguri781316 AssamBarpeta
Katajhar781315 AssamBarpeta
Kathalmurighat781328 AssamBarpeta
Kayakuchi Bazar781352 AssamBarpeta
Keotkuchi781309 AssamBarpeta
Khablarvitha781352 AssamBarpeta
Khairabari781315 AssamBarpeta
Khangra781305 AssamBarpeta
Khardhara781309 AssamBarpeta
Khatslpara781316 AssamBarpeta
Kohitama781315 AssamBarpeta
Kokilabari Farm781330 AssamBarpeta
Komardaisa781330 AssamBarpeta
Kujarpith781316 AssamBarpeta
Kurobaha781352 AssamBarpeta
Labdanguri Gon781315 AssamBarpeta
Langa781319 AssamBarpeta
Lowkata781330 AssamBarpeta
Mainamata781315 AssamBarpeta
Mairajar781315 AssamBarpeta
Makrikuchi781305 AssamBarpeta
Mandia781308 AssamBarpeta
Manikpur781308 AssamBarpeta
Maripur Anandapur781329 AssamBarpeta
Mayanbari781321 AssamBarpeta
Mazgaon781313 AssamBarpeta
Mespara781313 AssamBarpeta
Moutupuri781316 AssamBarpeta
Muguria781325 AssamBarpeta
Nagaon781309 AssamBarpeta
Nakuchi Pathar781352 AssamBarpeta
Naligaon781352 AssamBarpeta
Namsala781307 AssamBarpeta
Nasatraphulbari781307 AssamBarpeta
Nimua781315 AssamBarpeta
Nirala781308 AssamBarpeta
Nityananda781329 AssamBarpeta
Niz Rampur781319 AssamBarpeta
Nizbahari781302 AssamBarpeta
Odalguri781325 AssamBarpeta
Pacim Mazdia781305 AssamBarpeta
Pahumara781308 AssamBarpeta
Paka Bet bari pathar781352 AssamBarpeta
Palhaji781309 AssamBarpeta
Parakuchi781307 AssamBarpeta
Patacharkuchi781326 AssamBarpeta
Patbaushi781314 AssamBarpeta
Pathartolichatala781321 AssamBarpeta
Pathsala781325 AssamBarpeta
Pubrihabari781329 AssamBarpeta
Puranbhowanipur781316 AssamBarpeta
R B hat781309 AssamBarpeta
Radhakuchi781309 AssamBarpeta
Ramaparapam781308 AssamBarpeta
Raoli781309 AssamBarpeta
Raypur781325 AssamBarpeta
Rupahi781316 AssamBarpeta
Salbari781316 AssamBarpeta
Samuagati781316 AssamBarpeta
Santinagar781314 AssamBarpeta
Sarthebari781307 AssamBarpeta
Sarumanikpur781329 AssamBarpeta
Sarupeta781316 AssamBarpeta
Sarutapa781352 AssamBarpeta
Satrakanara Bazar781308 AssamBarpeta
Saudarvitha781316 AssamBarpeta
Saupur781319 AssamBarpeta
Senimari781305 AssamBarpeta
Simlaguri781313 AssamBarpeta
Sitoli781308 AssamBarpeta
Sonabari781321 AssamBarpeta
Sonafuli781316 AssamBarpeta
Sonkuchi781314 AssamBarpeta
Sorbhog781317 AssamBarpeta
Sukmanah781316 AssamBarpeta
Sukurngbari781317 AssamBarpeta
Suliakata781317 AssamBarpeta
Sundaridia781314 AssamBarpeta
Tarakansdi781321 AssamBarpeta
Thakurbazar781301 AssamBarpeta
Tuplaipanbari781329 AssamBarpeta

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