Khagaria Pin Code

 Pincode Details  
LocationPincode State District
Agauni851216 BiharKhagaria
Alauli848203 BiharKhagaria
Amba848203 BiharKhagaria
Amni851214 BiharKhagaria
Amousi851205 BiharKhagaria
Anantpur848203 BiharKhagaria
Araria Balha851203 BiharKhagaria
Asli Kothia851204 BiharKhagaria
Babhabgama851204 BiharKhagaria
Babu Bagicha851214 BiharKhagaria
Bachauta851204 BiharKhagaria
Badia851213 BiharKhagaria
Bahadurpur848203 BiharKhagaria
Bahuara851204 BiharKhagaria
Balha851219 BiharKhagaria
Bandehra851212 BiharKhagaria
Banni851213 BiharKhagaria
Barai Bangraha851204 BiharKhagaria
Bela Simri851204 BiharKhagaria
Belanawada852161 BiharKhagaria
Beldaur852161 BiharKhagaria
Bhadas851204 BiharKhagaria
Bharsoi851216 BiharKhagaria
Bhutali Malpa851201 BiharKhagaria
Birwas851212 BiharKhagaria
Bishanpur851215 BiharKhagaria
Bishanpur Ahok851204 BiharKhagaria
Bishanpur Dumri851204 BiharKhagaria
Borna851202 BiharKhagaria
Borney851201 BiharKhagaria
Budhaura848203 BiharKhagaria
Burhwa848203 BiharKhagaria
Chak Prayag851216 BiharKhagaria
Chandpur Khurd851204 BiharKhagaria
Chatarghat851204 BiharKhagaria
Chautham851201 BiharKhagaria
Chhera Khera848203 BiharKhagaria
Chorhli852161 BiharKhagaria
Deotha851212 BiharKhagaria
Dhari Pachout852161 BiharKhagaria
Dighaun852161 BiharKhagaria
Dighni851204 BiharKhagaria
Dinachakla851212 BiharKhagaria
Dumaria Buzurg851216 BiharKhagaria
Dumaria Khurd851215 BiharKhagaria
Dumri852161 BiharKhagaria
Durgapur851204 BiharKhagaria
Fango851214 BiharKhagaria
Farreh851213 BiharKhagaria
Garhiya851214 BiharKhagaria
Garmohini851203 BiharKhagaria
Gaura Shakti tola851205 BiharKhagaria
Gogri851202 BiharKhagaria
Gopalpur851203 BiharKhagaria
Goraiya Bathan851203 BiharKhagaria
Goriyami848203 BiharKhagaria
Hardia851204 BiharKhagaria
Harinmar851203 BiharKhagaria
Haripur848203 BiharKhagaria
Hathwan848203 BiharKhagaria
Itmadi851212 BiharKhagaria
Jahangir Tola851204 BiharKhagaria
Jalkaura851204 BiharKhagaria
Jamalpur Gogri851203 BiharKhagaria
Jhanjhara851212 BiharKhagaria
Jhawabohiyar851203 BiharKhagaria
Jhiktia851213 BiharKhagaria
Jogia848203 BiharKhagaria
Jorawarpur851215 BiharKhagaria
Kabela851215 BiharKhagaria
Kaithi851201 BiharKhagaria
Kanhaiyachak851216 BiharKhagaria
Keshavnagar851201 BiharKhagaria
Khagaria Bazar851204 BiharKhagaria
Khagaria Mukhya dakghar851204 BiharKhagaria
Kharaita851201 BiharKhagaria
Khargi Terasi851204 BiharKhagaria
Khutha851205 BiharKhagaria
Kolwara851216 BiharKhagaria
Koshi College851205 BiharKhagaria
Kulharia851216 BiharKhagaria
Kurwan852161 BiharKhagaria
Labhgaon851204 BiharKhagaria
Lagar851216 BiharKhagaria
Machhra848203 BiharKhagaria
Madarpur851213 BiharKhagaria
Madhopur851215 BiharKhagaria
Maheshkhunt851213 BiharKhagaria
Malia851203 BiharKhagaria
Mansi851214 BiharKhagaria
Marar851205 BiharKhagaria
Mathar811202 BiharKhagaria
Mathurapur851204 BiharKhagaria
Meghauna848203 BiharKhagaria
Mehsauri851205 BiharKhagaria
Mohaddipur851212 BiharKhagaria
Mohinath Nagar852161 BiharKhagaria
Mohraghat Press848203 BiharKhagaria
Nawada851201 BiharKhagaria
Olapur Ganguar851204 BiharKhagaria
Pachaut852161 BiharKhagaria
Pakrail851213 BiharKhagaria
Pansalwa852161 BiharKhagaria
Parbatta851216 BiharKhagaria
Parihara851225 BiharKhagaria
Pasraha851212 BiharKhagaria
Patel Nagar bharra851213 BiharKhagaria
Paura851201 BiharKhagaria
Phudkichak851203 BiharKhagaria
Phulwaria851201 BiharKhagaria
Phulwaria Deorhi852161 BiharKhagaria
Piparpanti851212 BiharKhagaria
Pipra Baisa851212 BiharKhagaria
Pipralathif851212 BiharKhagaria
Pirnagra Deorhi852161 BiharKhagaria
Rahimpur851204 BiharKhagaria
Ram Nagar math851204 BiharKhagaria
Rani Sakarpura851204 BiharKhagaria
Ranko851205 BiharKhagaria
Rasounk851205 BiharKhagaria
Ratan851203 BiharKhagaria
Raun848203 BiharKhagaria
Rohiyama852161 BiharKhagaria
Rohiyar851214 BiharKhagaria
Saharbanni848203 BiharKhagaria
Sahraun851201 BiharKhagaria
Sahsi848203 BiharKhagaria
Saidpur851214 BiharKhagaria
Sakarpura848203 BiharKhagaria
Sakrohar852161 BiharKhagaria
Salarpur851216 BiharKhagaria
Samaspur851213 BiharKhagaria
Sanhauli851205 BiharKhagaria
Sanokhar848203 BiharKhagaria
Sansarpur851214 BiharKhagaria
Saraiya851201 BiharKhagaria
Shergarh851203 BiharKhagaria
Simraha848203 BiharKhagaria
Siswa851214 BiharKhagaria
Sonbarsa Ghat851201 BiharKhagaria
Sondiha851212 BiharKhagaria
Telihar852161 BiharKhagaria
Temtha851216 BiharKhagaria
Tetrabad Chandpura851204 BiharKhagaria
Thatha851214 BiharKhagaria
Thuthi851214 BiharKhagaria

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