Madhepura Pin Code

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LocationPincode State District
Abhirampur852213 BiharMadhepura
Akbarpur852201 BiharMadhepura
Amarpura852122 BiharMadhepura
Anandpura852201 BiharMadhepura
Arraha852121 BiharMadhepura
Aurai852201 BiharMadhepura
B.Barhona852213 BiharMadhepura
B.Garhia852121 BiharMadhepura
B.Korhlahi852112 BiharMadhepura
B.Tekhti852121 BiharMadhepura
Bajraha852220 BiharMadhepura
Bansgopal852213 BiharMadhepura
Barahi Hasanpur852128 BiharMadhepura
Bariahi852128 BiharMadhepura
Basanwara852220 BiharMadhepura
Basnahi852201 BiharMadhepura
Basudeva852121 BiharMadhepura
Bathanparsa852128 BiharMadhepura
Behariganj852101 BiharMadhepura
Behrari852128 BiharMadhepura
Behri852128 BiharMadhepura
Belari852114 BiharMadhepura
Belo852114 BiharMadhepura
Besarh852112 BiharMadhepura
Bhadol852114 BiharMadhepura
Bhagwanpur852113 BiharMadhepura
Bhairo Patti852114 BiharMadhepura
Bhangha Chandpur852122 BiharMadhepura
Bharahi852113 BiharMadhepura
Bhatauni852127 BiharMadhepura
Bhatkhora852114 BiharMadhepura
Bhatni852112 BiharMadhepura
Bhawanipur852128 BiharMadhepura
Bheropatti852218 BiharMadhepura
Bhirkhi852113 BiharMadhepura
Biri Rampal852101 BiharMadhepura
Bishanpurarar852201 BiharMadhepura
Bispatti852220 BiharMadhepura
Bnmu University madhepura852113 BiharMadhepura
Budhma852114 BiharMadhepura
Chatra852201 BiharMadhepura
Chausa852213 BiharMadhepura
Chiraouri852213 BiharMadhepura
D.Kalan852213 BiharMadhepura
Dhaneshpur852213 BiharMadhepura
Dhurgaon852114 BiharMadhepura
Dinapatti852122 BiharMadhepura
Durgapur852201 BiharMadhepura
Fatehpur852101 BiharMadhepura
Gahumani852128 BiharMadhepura
Gamail852101 BiharMadhepura
Gangapur852220 BiharMadhepura
Ghailar852201 BiharMadhepura
Ghosai852213 BiharMadhepura
Gidha852128 BiharMadhepura
Gopalpur852220 BiharMadhepura
Gorela852113 BiharMadhepura
Goth Bardaha852201 BiharMadhepura
Gwalpara852201 BiharMadhepura
H.Kala852122 BiharMadhepura
Hanuman Nagar chouraha852128 BiharMadhepura
Hareshwari Dighi852122 BiharMadhepura
Hathionda852101 BiharMadhepura
Israin852112 BiharMadhepura
Itahari852220 BiharMadhepura
Jadua Patti852112 BiharMadhepura
Jagjiwan Ashram852113 BiharMadhepura
Jeeta Pur852114 BiharMadhepura
Jhalari852201 BiharMadhepura
Jhanjhari852201 BiharMadhepura
Jharkaha852128 BiharMadhepura
Jirwa852128 BiharMadhepura
Jirwa Madheli852128 BiharMadhepura
Jorgama852122 BiharMadhepura
K.Millik852220 BiharMadhepura
K.Ratwara852220 BiharMadhepura
K.S.pur852220 BiharMadhepura
Kalhua852128 BiharMadhepura
Karauti Bazar852220 BiharMadhepura
Kataia Satokar852128 BiharMadhepura
Kathotia852101 BiharMadhepura
Khara Budhma852220 BiharMadhepura
Kherho852201 BiharMadhepura
Khero852220 BiharMadhepura
Khurhan Mal852220 BiharMadhepura
Kumarkhand852112 BiharMadhepura
Kunjouri852220 BiharMadhepura
Kurshandi852220 BiharMadhepura
L. bhagwati852112 BiharMadhepura
Lalkuria852112 BiharMadhepura
Lalpur Sarropatti852128 BiharMadhepura
Laua Lagam852213 BiharMadhepura
Laxmipur852218 BiharMadhepura
Laxmipur Bisharia852101 BiharMadhepura
Laxmipur Lalchand852101 BiharMadhepura
Lc Ashthan852122 BiharMadhepura
M.Baghaili852112 BiharMadhepura
Madhepura852113 BiharMadhepura
Madhepura Collectorate852113 BiharMadhepura
Madhuban852101 BiharMadhepura
Madhukarchak852101 BiharMadhepura
Maheshua852128 BiharMadhepura
Mahmooda852220 BiharMadhepura
Mahua Bazar852220 BiharMadhepura
Majarhat852128 BiharMadhepura
Makdampur852213 BiharMadhepura
Maliya852113 BiharMadhepura
Mangarwara852112 BiharMadhepura
Manhara Sukhashan852128 BiharMadhepura
Manikpur852113 BiharMadhepura
Manjoura852201 BiharMadhepura
Manpur852128 BiharMadhepura
Maoura Ramnagar852128 BiharMadhepura
Mathahi852121 BiharMadhepura
Mohamadpur852201 BiharMadhepura
Mohanpur Choumukh852101 BiharMadhepura
Morsanda852220 BiharMadhepura
Muraut852220 BiharMadhepura
Murho852114 BiharMadhepura
Murli Chandwa852220 BiharMadhepura
Murliganj852122 BiharMadhepura
Murliganj Bazar852122 BiharMadhepura
Murliganj Tola852122 BiharMadhepura
N. bhagipur852220 BiharMadhepura
Narsingbag852114 BiharMadhepura
Naulakhi852122 BiharMadhepura
Naya Nagar852220 BiharMadhepura
Naya Tola852220 BiharMadhepura
P.N.pur852114 BiharMadhepura
Paina852213 BiharMadhepura
Pandeypatti852112 BiharMadhepura
Pararia852101 BiharMadhepura
Parmanandpur852112 BiharMadhepura
Parwa852122 BiharMadhepura
Patori852128 BiharMadhepura
Peernagar852201 BiharMadhepura
Phulaut852220 BiharMadhepura
Piprahi852128 BiharMadhepura
Pokhram852114 BiharMadhepura
Puraini852112 BiharMadhepura
Puraini Bazar852201 BiharMadhepura
R.Barateni852220 BiharMadhepura
R.N.khwan852220 BiharMadhepura
Raghunath Pur852122 BiharMadhepura
Rahta852122 BiharMadhepura
Rahta Chamukh852101 BiharMadhepura
Rahua852201 BiharMadhepura
Raibhir852128 BiharMadhepura
Rajni852101 BiharMadhepura
Rajni Babhangama852101 BiharMadhepura
Ramganj852112 BiharMadhepura
Ramnagar852112 BiharMadhepura
Rampatti852114 BiharMadhepura
Rampur852122 BiharMadhepura
Rampur Khora852220 BiharMadhepura
Ranipatti852112 BiharMadhepura
Ratanpatti852122 BiharMadhepura
Ratanpura852128 BiharMadhepura
Rupauli Jiwachpur852128 BiharMadhepura
Rupauli Lalpatti852128 BiharMadhepura
S.B.toli852112 BiharMadhepura
S.Dakshinwari852121 BiharMadhepura
S.Madheli852220 BiharMadhepura
S.Millick852114 BiharMadhepura
S.N.hat852112 BiharMadhepura
S.Rauta852112 BiharMadhepura
S.Simraha852121 BiharMadhepura
Sabaila852113 BiharMadhepura
Sahjadpur852220 BiharMadhepura
Sahugarh852113 BiharMadhepura
Sahuria852122 BiharMadhepura
Sakarpura852113 BiharMadhepura
Sapardah852220 BiharMadhepura
Sarauni Kala852101 BiharMadhepura
Shah Alam nagar852220 BiharMadhepura
Shahpur852201 BiharMadhepura
Shankarpur852128 BiharMadhepura
Sigion852128 BiharMadhepura
Singhar852220 BiharMadhepura
Singheshwar852128 BiharMadhepura
Sonbersa852128 BiharMadhepura
Srinagar852201 BiharMadhepura
Sripur Tengraha852128 BiharMadhepura
Sukhasan Chakla852113 BiharMadhepura
Sukhashan852201 BiharMadhepura
T.Bargaon852220 BiharMadhepura,madhepura852113 BiharMadhepura
Tamot Persa852122 BiharMadhepura
Temabhelwa852201 BiharMadhepura
Tulsibari852113 BiharMadhepura
Tuniahi852113 BiharMadhepura
Turkahi852113 BiharMadhepura
Udakishunganj852220 BiharMadhepura

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