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LocationPincode State District
A.K. line133001 HaryanaAmbala
Adhoya133205 HaryanaAmbala
Adhoyi133205 HaryanaAmbala
Akbarpur134203 HaryanaAmbala
Alipur Jahangir133202 HaryanaAmbala
Ambala city kucthery134003 HaryanaAmbala
Ambala City134003 HaryanaAmbala
Ambala.133001 HaryanaAmbala
Ambli134203 HaryanaAmbala
Anaj Mandi134003 HaryanaAmbala
Auto industries135001 HaryanaAmbala
B.C.w. suraj pur133301 HaryanaAmbala
Babyal133005 HaryanaAmbala
Baknaur134003 HaryanaAmbala
Baldev Nagar134007 HaryanaAmbala
Ballana134003 HaryanaAmbala
Bara133004 HaryanaAmbala
Barara133201 HaryanaAmbala
Baraula133004 HaryanaAmbala
Bazar Basti ram134003 HaryanaAmbala
Bhanokheri134003 HaryanaAmbala
Bhareli134118 HaryanaAmbala
Bhareri Kalan134203 HaryanaAmbala
Bhojkoti134205 HaryanaAmbala
Bihta133101 HaryanaAmbala
Boh133021 HaryanaAmbala
Chaurmastpur134003 HaryanaAmbala
Chudiala133102 HaryanaAmbala
Civil Line134003 HaryanaAmbala
Commissioner Court133001 HaryanaAmbala
D.A.v.college134003 HaryanaAmbala
Danipur134003 HaryanaAmbala
Derasalimpur133201 HaryanaAmbala
Dhanana134201 HaryanaAmbala
Dhanaura133203 HaryanaAmbala
Dhankaur134003 HaryanaAmbala
Dhin133202 HaryanaAmbala
Dhulkot134003 HaryanaAmbala
Dhurkara134003 HaryanaAmbala
Dinarpur133102 HaryanaAmbala
Dukheri133004 HaryanaAmbala
Duliani133202 HaryanaAmbala
Durana133004 HaryanaAmbala
Fatehgarh134201 HaryanaAmbala
Gadhauli134203 HaryanaAmbala
Ganesh Pur134202 HaryanaAmbala
Garhi Kotaha134204 HaryanaAmbala
Geeta Nagri134003 HaryanaAmbala
Ghail134003 HaryanaAmbala
Gobind Nagar133001 HaryanaAmbala
Gokal Garh133203 HaryanaAmbala
Hamidpur134203 HaryanaAmbala
Hangola134204 HaryanaAmbala
Hargolal133001 HaryanaAmbala
Haripur134204 HaryanaAmbala
Holi133201 HaryanaAmbala
I.A.f.line133001 HaryanaAmbala
Ind-estate133006 HaryanaAmbala
Jalbera134003 HaryanaAmbala
Jansui134003 HaryanaAmbala
Jatwar134201 HaryanaAmbala
Jeoli134203 HaryanaAmbala
Kacha Bazar133001 HaryanaAmbala
Kakkar Majra134202 HaryanaAmbala
Kakroo134003 HaryanaAmbala
Kalarehri133001 HaryanaAmbala
Kalpi133104 HaryanaAmbala
Kambassi133205 HaryanaAmbala
Kandiwala134204 HaryanaAmbala
Kanwala134003 HaryanaAmbala
Karasan134202 HaryanaAmbala
Kaserla Kalan133205 HaryanaAmbala
Kathe Majra134203 HaryanaAmbala
Kathgarh Chhappar134003 HaryanaAmbala
Keshopur Samalkha133101 HaryanaAmbala
Kesri133102 HaryanaAmbala
Khanpur133102 HaryanaAmbala
Khanpur Brahmana134201 HaryanaAmbala
Kharanwali133302 HaryanaAmbala
Kharga Canteen133001 HaryanaAmbala
Khatauli134118 HaryanaAmbala
Khudda Kalan133104 HaryanaAmbala
Korwa Khurd134202 HaryanaAmbala
Kot134118 HaryanaAmbala
Kuldeep Nagar133004 HaryanaAmbala
Kurali134203 HaryanaAmbala
Laha134203 HaryanaAmbala
Lakhnaura134203 HaryanaAmbala
Lalpur134203 HaryanaAmbala
Landa133102 HaryanaAmbala
Mahesh Nagar133001 HaryanaAmbala
Manak tabra134204 HaryanaAmbala
Mandhana134205 HaryanaAmbala
Mandhaur134003 HaryanaAmbala
Manka Manki133202 HaryanaAmbala
Manu Majra133205 HaryanaAmbala
Mardon Sahib133004 HaryanaAmbala
Matheri Sekhan134003 HaryanaAmbala
Mehmoodpur133104 HaryanaAmbala
Model Town ambala city134003 HaryanaAmbala
Mohra133004 HaryanaAmbala
Morni134205 HaryanaAmbala
Motor Stand134003 HaryanaAmbala
Mullana133203 HaryanaAmbala
Naggal134003 HaryanaAmbala
Nagla Jattan133102 HaryanaAmbala
Nahoni133104 HaryanaAmbala
Naneola134012 HaryanaAmbala
Naraingarh134203 HaryanaAmbala
Nasrauli134201 HaryanaAmbala
P&t Colony133001 HaryanaAmbala
Palam Vihar133001 HaryanaAmbala
Panjlasa134203 HaryanaAmbala
Panjokhra Sahib134011 HaryanaAmbala
Pasiala133102 HaryanaAmbala
Patel Nagri134003 HaryanaAmbala
Patrehri134202 HaryanaAmbala
Patwi134201 HaryanaAmbala
Pilkhani133104 HaryanaAmbala
Preet Nagar134003 HaryanaAmbala
Prem Nagar134003 HaryanaAmbala
Punjabi Mohalla133001 HaryanaAmbala
Rail Vihar133001 HaryanaAmbala
Railway Road ambala city134003 HaryanaAmbala
Rajo Kheri133201 HaryanaAmbala
Rajouli133201 HaryanaAmbala
Sadar Bazar133001 HaryanaAmbala
Saha133104 HaryanaAmbala
Samlerhi133104 HaryanaAmbala
Saran133202 HaryanaAmbala
Sarsehri133001 HaryanaAmbala
Saunta134003 HaryanaAmbala
Segti134003 HaryanaAmbala
Sewan Majra133205 HaryanaAmbala
Shah Pur133004 HaryanaAmbala
Shahzadpur134202 HaryanaAmbala
Sohana133203 HaryanaAmbala
Subzi mandi134003 HaryanaAmbala
Tandwal133201 HaryanaAmbala
Tepla133104 HaryanaAmbala
Thakar Pura133203 HaryanaAmbala
Tharwa133004 HaryanaAmbala
Thendog134205 HaryanaAmbala
Thumber133205 HaryanaAmbala
Toda134201 HaryanaAmbala
Top Khana bazar133001 HaryanaAmbala
Udaipur134003 HaryanaAmbala
Ugala133205 HaryanaAmbala

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