Jind Pin Code

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LocationPincode State District
Ahirka126102 HaryanaJind
Alewa126102 HaryanaJind
Amargarh126116 HaryanaJind
Anchra Kalan126112 HaryanaJind
Assan126113 HaryanaJind
Badanpur126152 HaryanaJind
Badhana126102 HaryanaJind
Bagru Kalan126112 HaryanaJind
Bambhewa126113 HaryanaJind
Baniya Khera126110 HaryanaJind
Baroda126115 HaryanaJind
Baroli126114 HaryanaJind
Barsola126115 HaryanaJind
Barthana126113 HaryanaJind
Belarkhan126116 HaryanaJind
Bhana Brahmana126116 HaryanaJind
Bhongra126115 HaryanaJind
Bhuslana Kalan126112 HaryanaJind
Bhutani126112 HaryanaJind
Bibipur126102 HaryanaJind
Bighana126102 HaryanaJind
Bikhiwala126152 HaryanaJind
Bishanpura126114 HaryanaJind
Buana126114 HaryanaJind
Budain126115 HaryanaJind
Budda Khera lather126101 HaryanaJind
Budha Khera126113 HaryanaJind
Chhatar126102 HaryanaJind
Chuharpur126102 HaryanaJind
Dablain Kalan126116 HaryanaJind
Dalamwala126110 HaryanaJind
Dariyawala126102 HaryanaJind
Dehola126102 HaryanaJind
Deorer126101 HaryanaJind
Dhabitek Singh126116 HaryanaJind
Dhakal126116 HaryanaJind
Dhamtan Sahib126116 HaryanaJind
Dhanoda Kalan126152 HaryanaJind
Dhanori126116 HaryanaJind
Dharamgarh126112 HaryanaJind
Dharodi126116 HaryanaJind
Dharthrath126110 HaryanaJind
Dhigana126114 HaryanaJind
Didwara126112 HaryanaJind
Dilwala126102 HaryanaJind
Dumarkhan Kalan126116 HaryanaJind
Durana126102 HaryanaJind
Durjanpur126152 HaryanaJind
Fateh Garh126101 HaryanaJind
Gangoli126113 HaryanaJind
Garhi126116 HaryanaJind
Garhwali126114 HaryanaJind
Gatauli126114 HaryanaJind
Ghason Kalan126116 HaryanaJind
Gogrian126115 HaryanaJind
Gulkani126102 HaryanaJind
Hadwa126113 HaryanaJind
Hamir Garh126116 HaryanaJind
Hathwala126101 HaryanaJind
Hatt126112 HaryanaJind
Igrah126102 HaryanaJind
Ikkas126102 HaryanaJind
Intal Kalan126102 HaryanaJind
Jajanwala126152 HaryanaJind
Jajwan126102 HaryanaJind
Jamni126113 HaryanaJind
Jhanjkalan126102 HaryanaJind
Jheel126116 HaryanaJind
Jind126102 HaryanaJind
Jind Mini sectt.126102 HaryanaJind
Jind Palika bazar126102 HaryanaJind
Jind Patiala chowk126102 HaryanaJind
Jind Punjabi bazar126102 HaryanaJind
Jind Railway station126102 HaryanaJind
Jind Rohtak road126102 HaryanaJind
Julana126101 HaryanaJind
Kabarchha126115 HaryanaJind
Kakrod126115 HaryanaJind
Kalwan126116 HaryanaJind
Karamgarh126116 HaryanaJind
Karkhana126112 HaryanaJind
Karsaula126101 HaryanaJind
Karsindhu126115 HaryanaJind
Karsindu126112 HaryanaJind
Kasun126115 HaryanaJind
Kendela126102 HaryanaJind
Kerela126101 HaryanaJind
Khanda126102 HaryanaJind
Kharakbhura126115 HaryanaJind
Kharakramji126102 HaryanaJind
Kharal126116 HaryanaJind
Khatkar126115 HaryanaJind
Kheri Khermawati126112 HaryanaJind
Khrindwal126116 HaryanaJind
Khunga Kothi126110 HaryanaJind
Kila Zaffargarh126101 HaryanaJind
Kinana126114 HaryanaJind
Kuchrana Kalan126102 HaryanaJind
Lajwan Kalan126101 HaryanaJind
Lodhar126102 HaryanaJind
Lowan126116 HaryanaJind
Ludana126113 HaryanaJind
Makhand126115 HaryanaJind
Malhar126112 HaryanaJind
Malikpur126112 HaryanaJind
Malwi126101 HaryanaJind
Mandi Kalan126102 HaryanaJind
Mangalpur126152 HaryanaJind
Manohar Pur126102 HaryanaJind
Mehrara126101 HaryanaJind
Mohammad Khera126110 HaryanaJind
Mohangarh126115 HaryanaJind
Morkhi126113 HaryanaJind
Mowana126112 HaryanaJind
Naguran126102 HaryanaJind
Nandgarh126101 HaryanaJind
Narwana126116 HaryanaJind
Narwana City126116 HaryanaJind
Nidana126114 HaryanaJind
Nidani126102 HaryanaJind
Nimnabad126112 HaryanaJind
Nirjan126102 HaryanaJind
Paju Kalan126112 HaryanaJind
Pauli126101 HaryanaJind
Pegan126102 HaryanaJind
Pharain Kalan126116 HaryanaJind
Phullian Kalan126116 HaryanaJind
Pillukhera126113 HaryanaJind
Pindara126102 HaryanaJind
Pipaltha126116 HaryanaJind
Radhana126102 HaryanaJind
Rajgarh Gurthali126116 HaryanaJind
Ram Nagar126112 HaryanaJind
Ram Rai126102 HaryanaJind
Rasidan126116 HaryanaJind
Ritauli126110 HaryanaJind
Rohar126112 HaryanaJind
Rojhla126112 HaryanaJind
Roopgarh126102 HaryanaJind
Sachha Khera126152 HaryanaJind
Safidon126112 HaryanaJind
Safidon City126112 HaryanaJind
Sainthali126152 HaryanaJind
Sandil126102 HaryanaJind
Shahpur126102 HaryanaJind
Shamlo Kalan126114 HaryanaJind
Silakheri126112 HaryanaJind
Sindhwi Kheri126102 HaryanaJind
Singhana126112 HaryanaJind
Singhwal126116 HaryanaJind
Sinsar126116 HaryanaJind
Siwaha126113 HaryanaJind
Siwan Mal126112 HaryanaJind
Sudkain Kalan126115 HaryanaJind
Sudkain Khurd126116 HaryanaJind
Sulhera126116 HaryanaJind
Thua126102 HaryanaJind
Uchana126115 HaryanaJind
Uchana Khrud126115 HaryanaJind
Ujhana126116 HaryanaJind

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