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LocationPincode State District
Adyana132113 HaryanaPanipat
Ahar132107 HaryanaPanipat
Allupur132113 HaryanaPanipat
Assan Kalan132105 HaryanaPanipat
Atta132122 HaryanaPanipat
Atula132113 HaryanaPanipat
Babail132103 HaryanaPanipat
Babarpur132103 HaryanaPanipat
Bandh132107 HaryanaPanipat
Bapoli132104 HaryanaPanipat
Barana132103 HaryanaPanipat
Beholi132101 HaryanaPanipat
Bhadar132103 HaryanaPanipat
Bhandari132113 HaryanaPanipat
Bhodwal Majri132102 HaryanaPanipat
Binjhol132103 HaryanaPanipat
Buana Lakhu132107 HaryanaPanipat
Bursham132103 HaryanaPanipat
Chandoli132103 HaryanaPanipat
Chhajpur Kalan132104 HaryanaPanipat
Chulkana132101 HaryanaPanipat
Dadlana132140 HaryanaPanipat
Dadola132108 HaryanaPanipat
Dahar132145 HaryanaPanipat
Dehra132122 HaryanaPanipat
Didwari132145 HaryanaPanipat
Dikadla132122 HaryanaPanipat
Diwana132108 HaryanaPanipat
Gandhi Samarak nidhi132102 HaryanaPanipat
Ganjbarh132103 HaryanaPanipat
Goela Kalan132104 HaryanaPanipat
Hathwala132115 HaryanaPanipat
Israna132107 HaryanaPanipat
Jalalpur132103 HaryanaPanipat
Jattal132103 HaryanaPanipat
Jaurasi132101 HaryanaPanipat
Joshi132113 HaryanaPanipat
Kabri132103 HaryanaPanipat
Kalkha132105 HaryanaPanipat
Karad132107 HaryanaPanipat
Karhans132101 HaryanaPanipat
Khojkipur132122 HaryanaPanipat
Kiwana132101 HaryanaPanipat
Kurana132107 HaryanaPanipat
Kurar132103 HaryanaPanipat
Lohari132105 HaryanaPanipat
Machhrauli132101 HaryanaPanipat
Madlauda132113 HaryanaPanipat
Mahoti132102 HaryanaPanipat
Manana132101 HaryanaPanipat
Mandi132107 HaryanaPanipat
Namunda132101 HaryanaPanipat
Nanhera132103 HaryanaPanipat
Nara132113 HaryanaPanipat
Naraina132101 HaryanaPanipat
Neoltha132145 HaryanaPanipat
Noorwala132103 HaryanaPanipat
Ppt Camp no. 2132103 HaryanaPanipat
Ppt Kathery (u)132103 HaryanaPanipat
Palri132145 HaryanaPanipat
Paniapt G.t. road132103 HaryanaPanipat
Panipat132103 HaryanaPanipat
Panipat Beas project132108 HaryanaPanipat
Panipat City132103 HaryanaPanipat
Panipat Khadi ashram132104 HaryanaPanipat
Panipat Kishanpura132103 HaryanaPanipat
Panipat Kranti nagar132103 HaryanaPanipat
Panipat Mandi132103 HaryanaPanipat
Panipat Model town132103 HaryanaPanipat
Panipat N.s.m.132103 HaryanaPanipat
Panipat Nfl132103 HaryanaPanipat
Panipat Patel nagar132103 HaryanaPanipat
Panipat Refinary132140 HaryanaPanipat
Panipat Sugar mills132103 HaryanaPanipat
Panipat Thermal project132105 HaryanaPanipat
Pardhana132107 HaryanaPanipat
Patti Kalyana132102 HaryanaPanipat
Puther132107 HaryanaPanipat
Qawi132113 HaryanaPanipat
Rair Kalan132140 HaryanaPanipat
Rajkheri132103 HaryanaPanipat
Raksera132115 HaryanaPanipat
Risalu132104 HaryanaPanipat
Samalkha132101 HaryanaPanipat
Sanauli Khurd132103 HaryanaPanipat
Seenk132103 HaryanaPanipat
Shahpur132107 HaryanaPanipat
Shera132113 HaryanaPanipat
Siwaha132108 HaryanaPanipat
Sodhapur132103 HaryanaPanipat
Sutana132105 HaryanaPanipat
Ugra Kheri132104 HaryanaPanipat
Untla132105 HaryanaPanipat
Urlana Kalan132103 HaryanaPanipat
Waisor132113 HaryanaPanipat

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Last Updated on : November 30, 2015



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