Gadag Pin Code

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LocationPincode State District
Abbigeri582111 KarnatakaGadag
Adarkatti582116 KarnatakaGadag
Adrahalli582116 KarnatakaGadag
Advisomapur582103 KarnatakaGadag
Anturbentur582205 KarnatakaGadag
Arahunsi582209 KarnatakaGadag
Asuti582203 KarnatakaGadag
Attikatti582103 KarnatakaGadag
Bagewadi582118 KarnatakaGadag
Balaganur582102 KarnatakaGadag
Balehosur582112 KarnatakaGadag
Banhatti582207 KarnatakaGadag
Bannikoppa582112 KarnatakaGadag
Bardur582113 KarnatakaGadag
Battur582116 KarnatakaGadag
Beldhadi582103 KarnatakaGadag
Belhod582204 KarnatakaGadag
Bellatti582112 KarnatakaGadag
Belvanki582202 KarnatakaGadag
Bhairanhatti582207 KarnatakaGadag
Bidarahalli582118 KarnatakaGadag
Bidinhal582118 KarnatakaGadag
Binkadkatti582103 KarnatakaGadag
Chebbi582120 KarnatakaGadag
Chickhandigol582205 KarnatakaGadag
Chickwaddatti582118 KarnatakaGadag
Chikamannur582209 KarnatakaGadag
Chiknargund582207 KarnatakaGadag
Chilzeri582114 KarnatakaGadag
Chinchali582117 KarnatakaGadag
D S hadagali582102 KarnatakaGadag
Dambal582113 KarnatakaGadag
Doddur582116 KarnatakaGadag
Doni582103 KarnatakaGadag
Futgaon Badni582116 KarnatakaGadag
Gadag582101 KarnatakaGadag
Gadag Bazar582101 KarnatakaGadag
Gadag Betgeri582102 KarnatakaGadag
Gadag City582103 KarnatakaGadag
Gadag Cotton market582101 KarnatakaGadag
Gadag Extension582101 KarnatakaGadag
Gadag Gangapurpeth582103 KarnatakaGadag
Gadag Health camp582102 KarnatakaGadag
Gadag J t college582102 KarnatakaGadag
Gadag Mulgund naka582103 KarnatakaGadag
Gajendragad582114 KarnatakaGadag
Gogeri582114 KarnatakaGadag
Gojanur582116 KarnatakaGadag
Gujamagadi582102 KarnatakaGadag
Hadli582207 KarnatakaGadag
Halkeri582119 KarnatakaGadag
Halligudi582115 KarnatakaGadag
Hallikeri582115 KarnatakaGadag
Hammigi582118 KarnatakaGadag
Hariapur582115 KarnatakaGadag
Harogeri582113 KarnatakaGadag
Harti582103 KarnatakaGadag
Hatalgeri582115 KarnatakaGadag
Hebbal582112 KarnatakaGadag
Hesarur581118 KarnatakaGadag
Hesrur582118 KarnatakaGadag
Hirehal582209 KarnatakaGadag
Hirekop582207 KarnatakaGadag
Hirekoppa582102 KarnatakaGadag
Hiremannur582209 KarnatakaGadag
Hirewaddatti582113 KarnatakaGadag
Holealur582203 KarnatakaGadag
Holemannur582203 KarnatakaGadag
Holhadgali582203 KarnatakaGadag
Hombal582204 KarnatakaGadag
Honnignur582209 KarnatakaGadag
Hosahalli582205 KarnatakaGadag
Hosalli582209 KarnatakaGadag
Huilgol582102 KarnatakaGadag
Hulkoti582205 KarnatakaGadag
Hullur582112 KarnatakaGadag
Hungundi582203 KarnatakaGadag
Itagi582112 KarnatakaGadag
Jagapur582207 KarnatakaGadag
Jakkali582119 KarnatakaGadag
Jantli582113 KarnatakaGadag
Jigalur582209 KarnatakaGadag
Kadadi582102 KarnatakaGadag
Kadampur582103 KarnatakaGadag
Kadkol582120 KarnatakaGadag
Kalakeri582118 KarnatakaGadag
Kalasapur582103 KarnatakaGadag
Kanaginahal582102 KarnatakaGadag
Kanakikop582207 KarnatakaGadag
Kanvi582103 KarnatakaGadag
Kodikop582119 KarnatakaGadag
Kognur582112 KarnatakaGadag
Konchigeri582112 KarnatakaGadag
Konnur582206 KarnatakaGadag
Korlahalli582118 KarnatakaGadag
Kotbal582209 KarnatakaGadag
Kotumachagi582119 KarnatakaGadag
Koujagari582202 KarnatakaGadag
Kundralli582116 KarnatakaGadag
Kuntoji582114 KarnatakaGadag
Kuradagi582102 KarnatakaGadag
Kurthkoti582205 KarnatakaGadag
Kuthatt582209 KarnatakaGadag
Lakkalkatti582211 KarnatakaGadag
Lakkundi582115 KarnatakaGadag
Lakshmeshwar582116 KarnatakaGadag
Lakshmeshwar Court582116 KarnatakaGadag
Lingdhal582204 KarnatakaGadag
Machenhalli582120 KarnatakaGadag
Madalgeri582209 KarnatakaGadag
Madhalli582117 KarnatakaGadag
Magadi582117 KarnatakaGadag
Malasamudra582103 KarnatakaGadag
Mallapur582209 KarnatakaGadag
Malvad582203 KarnatakaGadag
Maranabasari582119 KarnatakaGadag
Menasigi582207 KarnatakaGadag
Mewundi582113 KarnatakaGadag
Mugali582209 KarnatakaGadag
Mulgund582117 KarnatakaGadag
Mundargi582118 KarnatakaGadag
Mundwad582118 KarnatakaGadag
Musigeri582211 KarnatakaGadag
Nagarahalli582118 KarnatakaGadag
Nagavi582103 KarnatakaGadag
Nagendragad582211 KarnatakaGadag
Naregal582119 KarnatakaGadag
Nargund582207 KarnatakaGadag
Nargund Bazar582207 KarnatakaGadag
Neelgund582117 KarnatakaGadag
Neeralgi582102 KarnatakaGadag
Nidagundikoppa582119 KarnatakaGadag
Nidgundi582114 KarnatakaGadag
Papanashi582103 KarnatakaGadag
Pethalur582113 KarnatakaGadag
Pssk Wasan582206 KarnatakaGadag
Raddernagnur582207 KarnatakaGadag
Rajur582114 KarnatakaGadag
Ramgeri582116 KarnatakaGadag
Rampur582114 KarnatakaGadag
Rantur582112 KarnatakaGadag
Ron582209 KarnatakaGadag
Ron Taluk kut582209 KarnatakaGadag
Sarjapur582211 KarnatakaGadag
Savadi582209 KarnatakaGadag
Shagoti582205 KarnatakaGadag
Shantageri582211 KarnatakaGadag
Shigli582210 KarnatakaGadag
Shingatalur582118 KarnatakaGadag
Shirahatti Haripur582120 KarnatakaGadag
Shiratti582120 KarnatakaGadag
Shiratti Kuktchery582120 KarnatakaGadag
Shirol582207 KarnatakaGadag
Singatarayanakeri582103 KarnatakaGadag
Somanakatti582209 KarnatakaGadag
Sortur582120 KarnatakaGadag
Sudi582211 KarnatakaGadag
Suganhalli582112 KarnatakaGadag
Surangi582116 KarnatakaGadag
Surkod582207 KarnatakaGadag
Tarikoppa582112 KarnatakaGadag
Timmapur582115 KarnatakaGadag
Vadavi582112 KarnatakaGadag
Venkatapur582113 KarnatakaGadag
Y S hadgalli582202 KarnatakaGadag
Yaklaspur582113 KarnatakaGadag
Yalvatti582117 KarnatakaGadag
Yatanhalli582117 KarnatakaGadag
Yavgal582202 KarnatakaGadag
Yelisirur582120 KarnatakaGadag
Yeribeleri582102 KarnatakaGadag

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