Jharsuguda Pin Code

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LocationPincode State District
Aintapali768215 OrissaJharsuguda
Arda768202 OrissaJharsuguda
Attabira768226 OrissaJharsuguda
Badmal768202 OrissaJharsuguda
Bagdehi768220 OrissaJharsuguda
Bagmunda768219 OrissaJharsuguda
Bandhbahal Colony768211 OrissaJharsuguda
Banjari768217 OrissaJharsuguda
Belpahar768218 OrissaJharsuguda
Belpahar Rs768217 OrissaJharsuguda
Bhalupatra768220 OrissaJharsuguda
Bhatlaida768213 OrissaJharsuguda
Bhaurkhol768219 OrissaJharsuguda
Bhikampali768226 OrissaJharsuguda
Bhimjore768220 OrissaJharsuguda
Brajarajnagar768216 OrissaJharsuguda
Chandinimal768216 OrissaJharsuguda
Charpali768226 OrissaJharsuguda
Charpali-barpali768211 OrissaJharsuguda
Chichinda768216 OrissaJharsuguda
Dalgaon768211 OrissaJharsuguda
Durlaga768204 OrissaJharsuguda
Ektali768202 OrissaJharsuguda
Gandghara768216 OrissaJharsuguda
Goudpanpali768220 OrissaJharsuguda
Gudigaon768202 OrissaJharsuguda
H. katapali768202 OrissaJharsuguda
Hirma768202 OrissaJharsuguda
I B768216 OrissaJharsuguda
Industrial Estate jharsuguda s768203 OrissaJharsuguda
Itps Banaharpali768234 OrissaJharsuguda
Jharsuguda768201 OrissaJharsuguda
Jhirlapali768213 OrissaJharsuguda
Jorabaga768217 OrissaJharsuguda
K.M. road jharsuguda768202 OrissaJharsuguda
Kadamdihi768219 OrissaJharsuguda
Kanaktara768226 OrissaJharsuguda
Kandheikela768226 OrissaJharsuguda
Kapilapur768226 OrissaJharsuguda
Katabaga768225 OrissaJharsuguda
Kirmira768220 OrissaJharsuguda
Kolabira768213 OrissaJharsuguda
Kuarmal768221 OrissaJharsuguda
Kudabaga768219 OrissaJharsuguda
Kudaloi768217 OrissaJharsuguda
Laikera768215 OrissaJharsuguda
Lakhanpur768219 OrissaJharsuguda
Lamptibahal768230 OrissaJharsuguda
Loisingh768216 OrissaJharsuguda
M. katapali768226 OrissaJharsuguda
Malidihi768213 OrissaJharsuguda
Markuta768202 OrissaJharsuguda
Mochida768226 OrissaJharsuguda
Mudrajore768213 OrissaJharsuguda
N. adhapara768234 OrissaJharsuguda
Naxapali768220 OrissaJharsuguda
Niktimal768213 OrissaJharsuguda
O.M.p. line jharsuguda768204 OrissaJharsuguda
Orient Colliery brajarajnagar768233 OrissaJharsuguda
Panchgaon768226 OrissaJharsuguda
Panchpara768204 OrissaJharsuguda
Pandri768234 OrissaJharsuguda
Paramanandapur768213 OrissaJharsuguda
Pithinda768226 OrissaJharsuguda
R. kudapali768225 OrissaJharsuguda
Raghunathpali768213 OrissaJharsuguda
Rajpur768216 OrissaJharsuguda
Ramella768211 OrissaJharsuguda
Rampaluga (reneda)768234 OrissaJharsuguda
Rampella768211 OrissaJharsuguda
Rampur Colliery768225 OrissaJharsuguda
Remta768226 OrissaJharsuguda
Sadamal768214 OrissaJharsuguda
Sahaspur768215 OrissaJharsuguda
Samasingha768213 OrissaJharsuguda
Sarandamal768211 OrissaJharsuguda
Sarangloi768215 OrissaJharsuguda
Sarbahal768201 OrissaJharsuguda
Sr Brajarajnagar768216 OrissaJharsuguda
Sr Jharsuguda768201 OrissaJharsuguda
Sripura768202 OrissaJharsuguda
Sudang768215 OrissaJharsuguda
Sulahi768202 OrissaJharsuguda
Sunari768234 OrissaJharsuguda
Talmal768204 OrissaJharsuguda
Talpatia768204 OrissaJharsuguda
Thebra768219 OrissaJharsuguda
Ubuda768217 OrissaJharsuguda

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Last Updated on : November 30, 2015



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