Nuapada Pin Code

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LocationPincode State District
Agren766106 OrissaNuapada
Amguda766111 OrissaNuapada
Amnara766105 OrissaNuapada
Amsena766104 OrissaNuapada
Babebir766118 OrissaNuapada
Badi766107 OrissaNuapada
Badmaheswar766107 OrissaNuapada
Bargaon766118 OrissaNuapada
Beltukri766104 OrissaNuapada
Bhainsadani766111 OrissaNuapada
Bhaleswer766104 OrissaNuapada
Bhanpur766104 OrissaNuapada
Bharuamunda766108 OrissaNuapada
Bhella766106 OrissaNuapada
Bhuliasikun766107 OrissaNuapada
Birighat766118 OrissaNuapada
Biromal766104 OrissaNuapada
Bisora766104 OrissaNuapada
Boden766111 OrissaNuapada
Boirgaon766111 OrissaNuapada
Budhikomna766106 OrissaNuapada
Chalana766108 OrissaNuapada
Chatiaguda766108 OrissaNuapada
Chindaguda766107 OrissaNuapada
Damjhar766111 OrissaNuapada
Darlimunda766105 OrissaNuapada
Darlipara766105 OrissaNuapada
Dharambandha766105 OrissaNuapada
Duajhar766118 OrissaNuapada
Dumerpani766104 OrissaNuapada
Gandamer766106 OrissaNuapada
Gochhaguda766108 OrissaNuapada
Godal766108 OrissaNuapada
Godfurla766105 OrissaNuapada
Goimundi766107 OrissaNuapada
Gorla766108 OrissaNuapada
Gotma766104 OrissaNuapada
Hatibandha766108 OrissaNuapada
Jampani766105 OrissaNuapada
Jatgarh766105 OrissaNuapada
Jayabahal766118 OrissaNuapada
Jenjera766104 OrissaNuapada
Jhagrahi766106 OrissaNuapada
Jharbandh766108 OrissaNuapada
Karanbahali766108 OrissaNuapada
Karangamal766118 OrissaNuapada
Karlakot766111 OrissaNuapada
Kendetara766106 OrissaNuapada
Kendubahara766105 OrissaNuapada
Kendumunda766108 OrissaNuapada
Kendupati766118 OrissaNuapada
Khaira766111 OrissaNuapada
Khariar766107 OrissaNuapada
Khariar Road766104 OrissaNuapada
Khasbahal766107 OrissaNuapada
Kirejhola766111 OrissaNuapada
Kirkita766118 OrissaNuapada
Kodomeri766104 OrissaNuapada
Komna766106 OrissaNuapada
Konabira766106 OrissaNuapada
Kuliabandh766104 OrissaNuapada
Kureswar766106 OrissaNuapada
Kurumpuri766105 OrissaNuapada
Kusumjore766108 OrissaNuapada
Kutenchuan766105 OrissaNuapada
Lakhana766105 OrissaNuapada
Lanji766118 OrissaNuapada
Larka766118 OrissaNuapada
Litisargi766111 OrissaNuapada
Mahulibhata766105 OrissaNuapada
Makhapadar766118 OrissaNuapada
Mangarapalli766104 OrissaNuapada
Maraguda766105 OrissaNuapada
Michhapali766106 OrissaNuapada
Motanuapada766105 OrissaNuapada
Nagpada766111 OrissaNuapada
Nangalbod766108 OrissaNuapada
Nawapara Tanwat766105 OrissaNuapada
Nilji766108 OrissaNuapada
Nuagaon766106 OrissaNuapada
Nuapada766108 OrissaNuapada
Palsada766107 OrissaNuapada
Panchampur766105 OrissaNuapada
Paraskhol766105 OrissaNuapada
Parkod766104 OrissaNuapada
Pendraban766106 OrissaNuapada
Pharsara766111 OrissaNuapada
Rajna766106 OrissaNuapada
Ranimunda766108 OrissaNuapada
Sahajat766105 OrissaNuapada
Saipala766105 OrissaNuapada
Saradhapur766118 OrissaNuapada
Sarbang766105 OrissaNuapada
Sargadi766107 OrissaNuapada
Sialati766105 OrissaNuapada
Silva766105 OrissaNuapada
Singjhar766108 OrissaNuapada
Sinhapalli766108 OrissaNuapada
Sunabeda766106 OrissaNuapada
Sunapur766111 OrissaNuapada
Tanwat766105 OrissaNuapada
Tarbod766105 OrissaNuapada
Tikrapara766106 OrissaNuapada
Timanpur766108 OrissaNuapada
Tukla766107 OrissaNuapada

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