Pushkar Facts

Pushkar in Rajasthan is synonymous with vibrant colors and the traditional fervor of fairs and festivals. A sacred region for the Hindus, Pushkar is home to 400 temples, cattle fairs and unbelievable legends. Pushkar facts provide assimilated information on the various aspects of Pushkar.

Spreading over an area of 16.34 square kilometers, Pushkar sits in the lap of a valley in Rajasthan , a large north Indian state. The town of Pushkar is bordered by hills on three sides and sand dunes on the fourth side. Pushkar facts also include sightseeing in this fascinating region.

Facts on Pushkar comprise the population of the town which is 11,506; the languages used which are Hindi, Rajasthani and English, the STD Code of Pushkar which is 014581, etc. Pushkar experiences an extreme climate with climatic variations. Summers are characterized with hot days and cold nights. Rainfall is less and the most favorable time to visit Pushkar is from September to March.

History of Pushkar, tourist attractions in the town, the legends associated with Pushkar, transportation etc makes up the facts about Pushkar. The most significant Pushkar fact is the Pushkar fair that is a mixture of culture and colors.

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Last Updated on : 19/06/2013