Pushkar Pilgrimage

Pushkar Pilgrimage is revered as a journey to one of the chief holy places according to the Hindus. Pushkar is an integral part of the pilgrimage spots visited by devotees. Legends associated with Pushkar consider that Pushkar Lake was created out of a lotus flower that dropped from the hands of Lord Brahma.

The only temple in India dedicated to Lord Brahma is located in Pushkar. There are other temples, besides the Brahma Temple, in Pushkar that are dedicated to various deities belonging to Hinduism. The holy waters of the Pushkar Lake is considered to be capable of washing away the sins of people. A dip in the lake forms an important part of Pushkar pilgrimage.

The tourists, pilgrims, sadhus, merchants, musicians, dancers, magicians, and many others flock to Pushkar during the Fair held on Kartik Poornima. The essence of the town, its people, their culture, the colors and liveliness of the place is witnessed during the Pushkar Fair. The temples and ghats are filled with pilgrims offering pujas to the gods.

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Last Updated on : June 19, 2013