Education in Pushkar

Education in Pushkar follows the basic standard of India education and it houses some of the best schools and colleges of Rajasthan . The education scenario in the Rajasthan educational system is changing very rapidly and the ministry of education is upgrading the educational services. New plans are implemented to cater better education services and provide facilities as per the needs and talents of the students. Rajasthan aims in promoting maximum percentage of literacy rates. Primary education is made free to the children and it does not discriminate between any caste and creed.

Recent survey shows that the Rajasthan education system has the following numbers of educational institutions:
  • Primary Schools - 35077
  • Secondary Schools - 3844
  • Degree College - 267
  • Medical College - 7
  • Engineering College - 27
  • Teacher Training College - 43
  • Polytechnic Institutes - 15
Pushkar educational institutions are the very part of Rajasthan educational system and hence follow the same strategy and norms. Various schools, colleges and institutions provide education in Pushkar and all of them follow the curriculum strictly. "Gayatri Shakthipeeth Girls School" is the famous school in Pushkar whereas the "Mayo College" is a premiere college of Pushkar.

Mayo College

The Mayo College is one of the oldest institutes in India that was founded by the British. The British structured this college to impart education to the sons of aristocrat families and enlighten them about English culture and tradition .Colonel Walter was the man behind the idea of opening of the Mayo College and Richard Southwell Brouke is the founder of Mayo College.

Mayo College is managed by the Board of Directors and run by the Principal with the help of his administrative and academic staffs. The Mayo College is run systematically and it leads the way in providing top level education to the students. The academic year at the Mayo College starts from July and ends in April and is divided into two sessions namely the autumn term and the spring term respectively.

Other than providing education the Mayo College conducts extra curricular activities, seminars and various international sessions for the overall development of the students. Education in Pushkar is one of the best in the state as it really has some quality educational institutions.

Last Updated on : 19/06/2013