Pushkar Lake

Pushkar Lake is one of the major tourist attractions in Rajasthan and features on the itinerary of each and every visitor. Legend has it that the creation of the lake was the result of a lotus falling off from Lord Brahma's hand who was desperately seeking a place to carry out a religious ceremony and a fire sacrifice popularly known as a Yagna. Water immediately gushed forth from the spot and in this way lake came into being.

The Pushkar Lake is considered to be holy by most Hindus and a dip in the lake is held to be very auspicious. A single dip in the pure waters of the lake on the occasion of Karthik Poornima, a full moon day in the Hindu month of Karthik, is no less than carrying out numerous yagnas or sacred ceremonies for several years.

Apart from its religious significance, the location of the Pushkar Lake in the middle of hills makes it very picturesque. These hills are famous for the location of Saint Agasthya's cave where this great saint is supposed to have meditated. Some people even believe that this was the place which Kalidasa chose to compose his masterpiece 'Shakuntalam'.

Fifty two bathing ghats have been constructed around the periphery of the Pushkar Lake. The waters of each of these ghats is said to possess miraculous medicinal powers. While the water of Roop Tirth, a ghat in the Pushkar Lake, is believed to bestow graciousness and beauty, the water of the Naga Kund is considered to bear powers of fertility or birth. Again there is the Mrikand Muni Kund that is believed to impart knowledge and wisdom while the waters of the Kapil Vyapi Kund has remedial powers and is said to be capable of healing leprosy.

Pushkar Lake is one of the most visited tourist locations in Rajasthan. It is famous not just for its pious significance but also as a tourist attraction.

Last Updated on : June 19, 2013