Camel Racing in Pushkar

The tradition of camel racing can be traced back to the desert culture of the Arabian Peninsula as well as of the Middle East. Other than providing transportation and food, the camels are also used for entertainment as can be seen in the event camel racing in Pushkar. Camel racing in Pushkar is one of the major attractions of Rajasthan .

Camel racing in Pushkar is more than just a competition. The event reflects much of the culture of this place. The importance of camel in desert life has always remained very high. Camels are an integral part of desert life.

Camel racing in Pushkar reflects the tradition of the place. It is gaining popularity day by day. Camel racing has become one of the most favorite pass time of the people during the fair. In Pushkar, camel racing mainly takes place on an annual basis during the Pushkar Camel Fair which runs for a whole week in the month of October or November.

The camels are beautifully decorated at the time of the race. A lot of preparation goes into organizing this race. The camels are trained to take part in the race and to come out as winners. The race takes place amidst the din and bustle caused by folk dancing and music. All together the whole atmosphere gets charged with excitement and energy. It is really a great experience to watch the camel rides in Pushkar.

Last Updated on : June 19, 2013