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Location Map of Pushkar

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Location Map of Pushkar
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*Map showing the major tourist attractions in Pushkar. Disclaimer

Pushkar is a city in Rajasthan , India. It is an important city and has a great historical and cultural tradition. Pushkar location is important as the city is most well known for its lake, and the annual cattle fair help in Pushkar which brings a huge number of cattle traders and tourists to the city.

Pushkar is situated in Rajasthan, in the western regions of India. The region is mainly dry and arid, with deserts dominating the landscape. Pushkar and the surrounding areas are calm and tranquil. The lake in Pushkar has many legendary and historical events associated with it. The place hosts an annual cattle fair, which is a great attraction for both traders and tourists, both of whom flock into Pushkar in large amounts.

Pushkar is situated at the latitude of 26.5° north and the longitude of 74.55° east. The average elevation of Pushkar is around 500 meters above sea level.

The location of Pushkar is strategically placed. It lies 11 kilometers to the north west of another important city in Rajasthan, Ajmer. This proximity makes for easy access for tourists and pilgrims. Since tourism is an important activity in Pushkar, the accessibility is taken care of, with a good network of roads and fast and efficient transportation service. The nearest airport is at Jaipur. Pushkar is also well-connected by railway. There are numerous trains coming in from Jodhpur, Delhi, Ajmer, Ahmedabad and Agra. Direct bus services from all these cities are also available.

Thus the location of Pushkar makes it easily accessible to tourists from different parts of India.

Last Updated on : June 19, 2013