Excursions from Surat

Tourists visiting the city of Surat in Gujarat should not miss out the tourist spots located in the city. After visiting these places tourists can go for excursions from Surat to the nearby places.

The ideal time to visit Surat is during the months of October to March. There are many places for sightseeing around Surat. Tourists can hire cars or avail taxis to go around Surat for sightseeing. Bus services are also available from Surat to the places located outside the city.

Hajira is a sea beach, and it is located from Surat at a distance of 28 km. A beach resort is soon to be opened for tourists in Ubharat. Excursions from Surat can be arranged to Tithal. From Surat, the distance of this place is 108 km. Tithal has a very beautiful sea beach.

Tourists to Surat make sure to visit the health resort of Dumas to rejuvenate both mind and body. The tourists can also go on excursions from Surat to Navsari and Udvada, known for Parsi settlements for a long time.

Tourists can visit Ukai, located at a distance of 94 km from Surat. This is an irrigation project and a huge quantity of water is stored in the dam of Ukai.

Saputara is situated at a distance of 164 km from Surat. This place is located in the Sahyadri range and has extended forest areas. The tourists can also visit Daman and Ubharat.

Tourists visiting Surat, can avail trains from the major cities in the country, operated by Western Railway of India. They can also fly from some of the major airports of the country to Surat. Surat is connected to the rest of the state as well as to other parts of the country by roadways. Thus travelers may also avail of bus services to reach Surat.

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Last Updated on : 3/06/2013