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Surat to Tithal

There are a number of tourist spots near Surat, in Gujarat. Tourists visiting the city can plan a trip from Surat to Tithal. The beautiful place of Tithal is located at a distance of 108 km from Surat. But it will be a shorter trip if tourists are planning to visit Tithal from Valsad. From Valsad, it is only a distance of 5 km.

Once tourists are in Surat, they will love to go on excursions from Surat to the other tourist spots near the city. But Tithal is a favorite tourist destination among the other tourist spots near Surat.

Tithal has a beautiful sea beach. Golden sand and the sunny weather welcome tourists to spend a day out in Tithal. One can savor the scenic beauty of the sea beach among the shadowy groves of palm trees. There are a number of cottages in Tithal where tourists can take accommodation for an afternoon. After hanging out in the beach for the day, tourists can take rest in these cozy little cottages. Tourists planning the trip from Surat to Tithal can look forward to have some really pleasurable time.

Last Updated on : 3/06/2013