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Surat to Ubharat

The excursion from Surat to Ubharat involves some of the most memorable and thrilling experiences. Tourists who have an inclination towards exploring the hidden terrains of nature must take the route from Surat to Ubharat. Located at a mere distance of 42 km from Surat, Ubharat flaunts its exotic palm groves that form a magnificent series by the sea side.

Ubharat is a place which is full of natural wonders. Be it the golden and serene sea beach or be it the splendid aura of the place, Ubharat captivates the imagination of the travelers within no time. People who visit Gujarat time and again, for them Surat is a must-go destination. Once in Surat the tourists who have a knack for out-of-the-world experiences, look out for something different and here starts their journey.

The excursion from Surat to Ubharat is known to be a beautiful tour as it includes an exquisite array of naturally blessed treasures. While in some corners on way to Ubharat from Surat one would find the colorful flora and fauna, some other paths will come up with an incredible view of the surroundings.

Since Surat is one of the prominent districts of Gujarat hence reaching there is quite convenient and easy. As Ubharat is a steadily developing touristy place of Gujarat so plans have been made to improve the accommodation and conveyance facilities in the place.

Excursion from Surat to Ubharat truly makes for an unforgettable tour which will encourage travelers to come back to the places again and again.

Last Updated on : 3/06/2013