Tamil Nadu Dresses

Renowned for its finely woven cotton textiles, the Tamil Nadu Dresses industry represents a vibrant and flourishing apparel sector. Comprising of silk, muslin and cotton fabrics, the region’s textile industry efficiently produces a wide range of contemporary as well as conventional Dress materials.

The world famous Kanchipuram silk is a product of deft imagination and creativity of the craftsmen of Tamil Nadu. The design input of this famed Dress form is inspired from the architectural elegance of various temples of the region. Characterized by a heavy zari-clad border or pallu, the body of Kanchipuram sarees unleashes the magic of infinite colors.

Chettinad saree is another major Dress fabric of Tamil Nadu that comes in mustard, black and brick red colors. The specialty of this form of Dress lies in the fact that its length extends only till the calves and the anklets remain uncovered. Mostly the rural womenfolk of the region are found wearing this kind of saree.

Clothes made of cotton are yet another significant Dress type of Tamil Nadu. With excellent cotton weaving techniques, the place produces an extensive range of dhotis with gold borders along with other daily wears.

The prime textile manufacturing sites of Tamil Nadu, which have a sufficient stock of raw materials and possess skilled workers, include Tanjavur, Kanchipuram and Arni. While Kanchipuram and Arni are the two main silk producing locations of the region equipped with both modern and ancient style of weaving techniques, Tanjavur has a special mark of its own in the field of cotton-woven fabrics.

With the advancement of the weaving processes, the Tamil Nadu Dresses industry is all set to offer highly developed textiles options that are accompanied by excellent motifs and competitive prices.

Last Updated on 1/17/2011