West Bengal Food

The food of the state of West Bengal is predominated by the coastal location of the state. The cuisine of the state is reputed for its preparations of fish delicacies. The chief among the food are the sweet meats and other confectioneries of the state are also famed all over the world.

The people of the state of West Bengal prefer to consume rice with the fish delicacies. The use of coconut in the preparations is present though unlike the other coastal cuisines, coconut oil is not used as a medium of cooking. The spicing of the food in West Bengal is different from that of the North Indian states.

The most popular delicacies of the state are the preparations of the sweet meats and the other sweetened delicacies. The meal of the regular Bengali ends with a sandesh or a rosogolla. The other sweetened preparations include a variety of payesh and the sweetened curd or mishti doi. Among the other food habits of the Bengali populace is the habit of consuming the betel leaf which is a favorite among the women of the state.

The state of West Bengal also organizes several food festivals in the city of Kolkata. The food festival organized by the Eastern Zonal Cultural Complex is well reputed. Other food festivals are organized in the heritage complex of Swabhumi and Nalban in Kolkata.

The food of West Bengal is reputed across the globe. The cultural essence of West Bengal can thoroughly be enjoyed from the food prepared by them.

Last Updated on 21 March 2013