West Bengal Emergency Numbers

The West Bengal emergency numbers consists of the numbers of the police department, police stations, hospitals, blood banks, railway station, airport and other essential parts of the state. The emergency numbers of the state of West Bengal is of great assistance to the citizens.

The state has many centers, which provide round the clock ambulance service for the patients. The hospitals of the state also have their own ambulance. Hospitals are scattered all over the state of West Bengal . The government has set up hospitals even in remote areas with free bed facilities to ensure proper treatment of all the patients in the state. To aid the medical sector of the society, there are many 24-hours chemists' shops in the state of West Bengal that leaves its center open on all days of the week and throughout the day. The police of West Bengal state deputed in the police stations in various parts of the state maintain the law and order and assure the citizens a secure and well-protected life. The police are of great assistance to the citizens. The state has fire-extinguishing facilities in the cities and towns. The fire brigade arrives immediately at the beckoning of the needy. The state also provides telephonic assistance in the railway stations and airports. Inquiry outlets on the scheduled flights and trains are available on the telephone. West Bengal emergency numbers assist the citizens and the traveler of the state of West Bengal at all events and situations of life.

Police Stations

West Bengal Police Stations are noted for their prompt and efficient services. The police force of the state of West Bengal is known as West Bengal Police. There are various police stations spread across the state under this department of the West Bengal Government.

West Bengal Police is divided into many zones and districts. While each zone is headed by an Inspector General of Police, a Superintendent of Police is the head of each police district. Presently there are three police zones in the state. Namely they are the North Bengal zone, Western zone and the South Bengal zone. There are five or six districts under each such zone. Each police station of West Bengal is under one such district. The head of a police station is either an Inspector or a Sub- inspector. The main responsibility of maintaining peace and order in a specific area is supposed to be shouldered by the police stations of these areas.

  • Police Control Room - 100
  • Lalbazar Control Room - 22350230, 22155000-01
  • West Bengal Police - 22215415, 22215486

Hospitals and Ambulances

West Bengal ambulance services are present on all days of the calendar year at all hours. The government and private hospitals and nursing homes have ambulances at their disposal to carry patients.

The cities of West Bengal have many hospitals that are equipped with emergency ambulance facilities. There are private offices that cater to the needs of the patients. The ambulances are equipped with medical instruments that are used in the case of an emergence. The ambulances of West Bengal also have trained personnels who can administer the patient while commuting the patient to the hospital.

Other than the hospitals, some of the private agencies also provide ambulance services. 24 hours telephonic services help the agencies to send the ambulance to the required destinations. The West Bengal ambulances are quick and agile in their services and respond as soon as they receive a call without wasting time.

The list below provides the contact addresses of some of the ambulance centers in the city of Kolkata:
  • St. Johns Ambulance (H.Q.) - 22485277
  • Calcutta Municipal Corporation (Ambulance)- 22392232, 22392233
  • Belle View Nursing Home - 22477473, 22472321
  • Kothari Medical Centre & Research Institute - 24567050, 24792561
  • Calcutta Hospital and Medical Research - 24567700, 24791805
  • S.S.K.M. Hospital (P.G.) - 22236026, 22236242
  • Calcutta Medical College - 22414901, 22414904
  • B.M.Birla Heart Research Centre - 24567001, 24567005
  • R.K. Kar Medical College & Hospital - 25557676, 25557656
  • N.R.S. Medical College and Hospital - 22443212, 22443217
  • Peerless Hospital - 24622394, 24622462
  • Woodland - 24567079, 24567076
  • R.K.M. Seva Pratisthan (Sishu Mangal) - 24753636, 24753638

West Bengal Hotels and Guest House
  • State Government Guest House (Kyd.Street) - 22297463
  • State Government Circuit House (Hugeford St.) - 22405242
  • Great Eastern Hotel - 22482311
  • Oberoi Grand - 22492323
  • Taj Bengal - 22233939
  • Hotel Hindustan International - 22472394
  • Airport Ashoka - 25519111
  • Kenilworth Hotel - 22823403
  • Park hotel - 22493121
  • Peerless Inn - 22280301
  • Astor Hotel - 22829950
  • Fairlawn Hotel - 22451510
  • Hotel Rut Deen - 22476911
  • Lytton Hotel - 22491881
  • Hotel Shalimar - 22285030
  • Hotel Ananda Bhawan - 22374014
  • Hotel Saptarshi - 24405420

West Bengal Airport

The most important West Bengal airport is located in Dum Dum, Kolkata. This is the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport. Other airports of West Bengal are located in Bagdogra, Panagarh, Malda, Kalaikunda, Coochbehar, Barrackpur and Balurghat. These airports are meant only for domestic flights.

The Dum Dum Airport is one of the busiest airports of the country. This International Airport in Kolkata links the state of West Bengal to the rest of the world. The NSC Bose Airport is also well connected to the other parts of the country by regular flights.

The contact numbers of the West Bengal Airport are provided below:

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Dum Dum
  • 033-2511-6030
  • 033-2511-9177
  • 033-2511-6752
  • 033-2511-9416
  • 033-2511-9291
  • 033-2511-9266
  • 033-2511-9172
  • 033-2511-8318
  • 033-2511-9547
  • 033-2511-9366
  • 033-2511-8318
  • 033-2511-8980

West Bengal Electricity

West Bengal Electricity is supplied mainly by the West Bengal State Electricity Board (WBSEB). Recently the government of West Bengal has restructured and divide this department into West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (WBSEDCL) and West Bengal State Electricity Transmission Company Limited(WBSETCL).

Electricity supply in West Bengal is controlled and taken care of by the West Bengal Electricity Regulatory Commission. This commission is responsible for determining the tariff of electricity and regulating its purchase in the state.

In certain areas of the city of Kolkata electricity is also supplied by the CESC Limited. They started distributing power in the city of Kolkata from the year 1899.

For queries related to West Bengal Electricity you may dial the telephone numbers provided in the list below
  • West Bengal State Electricity Board (Bidyut Bhawan)
  • Phone- 2359-1915, 2337-1150
  • CESC Customer Service
  • Phone- 2478-4302/4888/4889
  • Complaints CESC - North
  • Phone- 2237-3161/64
  • Complaints CESC - South
  • Phone- 2466-4643/3161/62
  • Complaints CESC - Howrah
  • Phone- 2665-1143
  • Behala Emergency Depot
  • Phone- 2478-1673
  • Kalighat Emergency Depot
  • Phone- 2455-5609

West Bengal Post Office

The main West Bengal Post Office is located in the city of Kolkata. It is known as the General Post Office, Kolkata. This is located in the BBD Bag area of the city. Its address is 79B Dalhousie Square, Kolkata- 700001. The building is considered to be one of the major landmarks of the city.

There are post offices in different localities that function under the GPO of Kolkata. The building of this GPO is noted for its architectural beauty. There is a postal museum attached to this museum. It was built in the year 1884.

The postal service department of West Bengal is very dependable. The post offices functioning under it are always ready to help you.

Here are the telephone numbers of of this West Bengal Post Office:
  • 033-2210-7190
  • 033-2210-5899
  • 033-2210-5601

West Bengal Railway Station

The most important West Bengal Railway Station is located in Howrah. This railway station is connected to the city of Kolkata by the Howrah Bridge. This is also one of the most important railway junctions of India. This railway station connects the city of Kolkata and Howrah to almost all the parts of the country.

Other parts of the state are well connected to Howrah Station by road as well as railways. The International Airport in Kolkata is also connected to this railway station of West Bengal by a fantastic network of roads. Twenty-four hour cab services are available from here to help you to reach any part of the city of Kolkata from here.

The contact numbers of the West Bengal Railway Station are provided below

  • Howrah Station 2660-2581/7412/3542
  • 24 Hours Inquiry 131
  • Reservation Status 135, 2220-3500
  • Recorded Information 2220-3535
  • New Howrah Station 2660-2217

    West Bengal Water supply

    re - 101, 22440101, 22441063

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