Languages spoken in West Bengal

Hindi Language

Hindi is one of the spoken languages of the state of West Bengal. The various communities that have settled in the capital city of Kolkata and the other cities interact in Hindi language. The national language Hindi is popular mode of communication among the non native masses of the state.

Hindi is the most popular language of the country. The language is spoken in the state of West Bengal as well. The natives of the state mostly communicate in the language of Bengali. With the development of commercial centers in the state, different communities of the country were attracted to the state and settled in the cities. The capital city of the West Bengal, Kolkata is a metropolis which is the hub of settlements of different communities. The non native residents of the state of West Bengal speak in the Hindi language.

Hindi is popularly used among the business classes who have settled in various parts of the state. Realising the importance of the language, Hindi has also been made a part of the academic curriculum and is taught in schools and colleges. The state has several schools with the medium of studies conducted in the language of Hindi.

Bengali Language

The language prevalently spoken by the people of the state of West Bengal is Bengali, which is an Indo Aryan language derived from the alphabets of the Devanagari script. The Brahmi script also had an influence on the language. Bengali is commonly used in the state of West Bengal and in the country of Bangladesh.

Different dialects of the Bengali language are used in other states such as Assam and Manipur. The language follows two styles of speaking. The sadhubhasha is the elegant form of the language and uses several words directly incorporated from the Sanskrit language. This is the traditional form of the language and is used as incantations in the ritualistic ceremonies. The style was earlier popular among the educated masses who developed the form of the language as a literary style. The use of this style is difficult and is not in use among the majority of masses. The colloquial form of the language appears in the form of the chalitbhasha. This form of the language is popular among the masses at large and developed from the speaking styles of the people of Kolkata.

English Language

English is used as a language of communication among the people of the state of West Bengal. Apart from the prevalent use of the language of Bengali, the residents of the state also use the language of English and Hindi. English is prevalently used to conduct official business in the state.

The city of Kolkata was earlier the seat of administration during the British rule of India. The mode of communication among the British residents of Kolkata was English. The language became popular among the educated natives of the state of West Bengal. The official work of most of the organisations of the state during the period and in the present age is conducted in the English language. The language has, since then, gained popularity among the majority of masses in the state.

The language of English is a popular language among a majority of the people of the globe and has acquired the status of being the lingua franca. English has become the chief mode of communication in which the bulk of business of the world is conducted. The government of West Bengal has realised the importance of the knowledge of English and has thus incorporated the study of English as a compulsory part of the academic curriculum in the schools and colleges of all mediums. Several schools of the state have English as the medium of education.

English is one of the commonly used languages in the state of West Bengal. The popularity of this language has not suffered even with the presence of the other languages like Bengali and Hindi.

Last Updated on : November 5, 2014