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Heat Exchangers


Pioneer Fabricators (P) Ltd

, Uttar Pradesh
Industrial Equipments & Services

PIONEER Fabricators (P) Ltd., is an ISO 9001:2008 certified and RDSO approved for Design, Engineering, Fabrication, Assembly and Erection company that’s take up various engineering projects on turnkey basis. A) RAILWAYS :- Pioneer is in fabrication of Steel bridge girders, FOB (Foot Over Bridge), ROB (Road Over Bridge), and steel channel sleepers. The company has vast experience of completing its projects in. FOB:- A foot over bridge is designed for pedestrians or in some cases cyclist to cross the road in India (as per B1 – 2001; IRC – 83). FOB is becoming more popular in urban India as it help to cross the road for pedestrians without worry about high speed traffic, as well as its very safe option without interrupt vehicles, in rural India it is very helpful to cross the rivers. ROB:- Road over bridge construction provides a relief from obstacles physically faced by population of particular area, ROB design always decided as per functional ability of particular site where this bridge planned for construction and moreover which type of material should be used to construct ROB as per climate condition. Open Web Girders:- Open Web Girders are used for track bridges over large rivers and valleys in India. Standard length of open web girders in railways is 30.5, 45.7, 61.0 and 76.2 mtrs. A) FLOOR FRAME & UNDER FRAME:- These are the chassis for diesel engine manufacturing with high precision for Diesel Locomotive Modernization Work (DMW) and Diesel Locomotive Work (DLW). They require special grade of steel material like SAILMA to bear the continuous fatigue load. The company entered in this field in the year 2009 and made a very quick progress as in 5 yrs. We were approved by DLW as PART 2 source for supply of under frame / Floor frame assembly and kit like WDG4, WD3M and WDP4. B) OIL & GAS:- PRESSURE VESSELS – Pressure vessels are used for storing various types of gases and liquids under pressure. The company is approved by Chief Controller of Explosive, Nagpur for manufacturing of pressure vessels. The PIONEER has all facilities for stress relieving and in house Labs for all kind of test for pressure vessels including facilities for Radiography and NDT examination. The company has executed many prestigious projects including 300 MT Propane storage Tank for IOCL. We have good experience in setting up complete plant for LPG / CO2 Supply & installation of pipelines. We follow following Design Codes for Pressure Vessels, IS 825 CL 1 SMPV (U), ASME, SEC.8 DIV. 1, BS PD 5500 + SMPVU OR as per client’s requirement. C) HEAT EXCHANGER:- A heat exchanger is a piece of equipment build for efficient Heat transfer from one medium to another. The media may be separated by a solid wall to prevent mixing or they made be in direct contact. We have full and complete facilities for Design, Engineering and Fabrication of Heat Exchanger (Shell & Tube type). We follow TEMA (Tubular Exchange Manufacturing Association) Codes for Design and construct Ion of Heat Exchanger or as per client’s requirements. D) POWER:- We entered in Power sector having registered with BHEL, Haridwar in the year 2006. The company was approved for manufacturing of all kinds of Turbine Auxiliaries from smallest Steel parts to Heavy steel fabrication. Now we are more trusted source for supply of Turbine Auxiliaries for Steam, Hydel and Generator Turbine for BHEL Hardwar, BHEL Bhopal, BHEL Rudrapur and BHEL Varanasi. We also manufacture Bearing Pedestal machined / non machined both, Front Wall, Dome Wall, Lifting Beam for Rotors etc. E) DEAERATOR TANK:- A Deaerator tank is used for removal of O2 & other gases from feed water for steam boiler generator. We successfully manufactured Deaerators Tank for ISGEC – John Thompson. F) PRE ENGINEERED BUILDING:- Pre- engineered Pre- Fabricated buildings is a Steel Structured build over a structural concept of primary members, secondary members and the cover sheeting connected to each other. The structural members are designed to be lighter in weight as well as high in strength. The main advantage of PEB is it is manufactured in parts at company workshop and easily transported in parts at client’s site. As a leading PEB manufactured PIONEER provides complete services of Design, Engineering, Fabrication, Erection and Commissioning, this ensuring better quality control at every stage of the process. The company entered in this field of PEB in the year 2004 with fast track building for DMRC. We have completed many projects for our clients some of which includes Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, Mumbai Metro and Jaipur Metro.



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B - 2, Saraswati Industrial Estate, Meerut Delhi Road, Partapur, Meerut, , Uttar Pradesh, India - 250103

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