Faridkot Pin Code

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LocationPincode State District
Arryan Wala151203 PunjabFaridkot
Aulakh151207 PunjabFaridkot
Baja Khana151205 PunjabFaridkot
Bambhia Bhai ka151208 PunjabFaridkot
Bargari151208 PunjabFaridkot
Behbal Khurd151208 PunjabFaridkot
Bhagthala Kalan151203 PunjabFaridkot
Bhaloor151207 PunjabFaridkot
Bihle Wala151203 PunjabFaridkot
Bishnandi151202 PunjabFaridkot
Chaina151202 PunjabFaridkot
Chandbaja151203 PunjabFaridkot
Chandbhan151202 PunjabFaridkot
Deep Singh wala151212 PunjabFaridkot
Dhaipai151204 PunjabFaridkot
Dhilwana Kalan151204 PunjabFaridkot
Dhimanwali151209 PunjabFaridkot
Dhudhi151203 PunjabFaridkot
Dhurkot151203 PunjabFaridkot
Dod151205 PunjabFaridkot
Faridkot151203 PunjabFaridkot
Faridkot Mandi151203 PunjabFaridkot
Faridkot Sectt151203 PunjabFaridkot
Fatehgarh Dabri khana151205 PunjabFaridkot
Ghania Wala151207 PunjabFaridkot
Ghugiana151203 PunjabFaridkot
Golewala151203 PunjabFaridkot
Gumti Khurd151202 PunjabFaridkot
Gurudwara Jand sahib151212 PunjabFaridkot
Hari Nau151204 PunjabFaridkot
Jaitu151202 PunjabFaridkot
Janeria151212 PunjabFaridkot
Jhakhar Wala151208 PunjabFaridkot
Jiwan Wala151207 PunjabFaridkot
Kammiana151203 PunjabFaridkot
Kanianwali151212 PunjabFaridkot
Kasam Bhatti151202 PunjabFaridkot
Koharwala151204 PunjabFaridkot
Kot Sukhia151207 PunjabFaridkot
Kotkapura151204 PunjabFaridkot
Kotli151202 PunjabFaridkot
Machaki Kalan151212 PunjabFaridkot
Machaki Mal singh151209 PunjabFaridkot
Madhak151202 PunjabFaridkot
Malke151207 PunjabFaridkot
Matta151204 PunjabFaridkot
Mehmuana151212 PunjabFaridkot
Momara151212 PunjabFaridkot
Moranwali151203 PunjabFaridkot
Mour Suhag151204 PunjabFaridkot
Pg Khurd151207 PunjabFaridkot
Pakhi Kalan151203 PunjabFaridkot
Panj Grain kalan151207 PunjabFaridkot
Pipli151203 PunjabFaridkot
Quila Nau151203 PunjabFaridkot
Rajowala151203 PunjabFaridkot
Rameana151202 PunjabFaridkot
Rb Kotkapura151204 PunjabFaridkot
Romana Ajit singh151205 PunjabFaridkot
Romana Albel singh151204 PunjabFaridkot
Rorikapura151202 PunjabFaridkot
Sadiq151212 PunjabFaridkot
Saho Ke151208 PunjabFaridkot
Sandhwan151209 PunjabFaridkot
Sarawan151204 PunjabFaridkot
Seda Singh wala151205 PunjabFaridkot
Seerwali151212 PunjabFaridkot
Sibian151207 PunjabFaridkot
Sukhan Wala151203 PunjabFaridkot
Tehna151203 PunjabFaridkot
Wandar151208 PunjabFaridkot
Wandar Jatana151209 PunjabFaridkot
Wara Bhai ka151205 PunjabFaridkot
Wara Daraka151209 PunjabFaridkot

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Last Updated on : November 30, 2015

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