Rivers of West Bengal

A large number of Rivers cut through the state of West Bengal. On their way they gift some of the most fertile and rich land areas to the state. River Ganga is the most important among the Rivers that flows through the state of West Bengal. In the northern part the hills of Darjeeling and its surrounding regions are cut by deep gorges of the gushing Teesta river.

Apart from Teesta the other important Himalayan Rivers that flow through the northern part of the state are the Torsha, the Jaldhaka, the Raidakh and the Sankosh. Among them the Torsha is the most riotous one. Another important river of the northern part of the state is the Mahananda. It rises from the springs near the Darjeeling town. It flows downward to water the central part of the state as well.

Apart from the Mahananda the other Rivers in the central region of the state are Atrai, Punarbhava and the Tangan. While Atrai flows to join the Padma River of Bangladesh the other two flow into the Mahananda river. Another important river that flows in this part of the state is Mayurakshi. It is fed by the tributaries such as Bakreswar, Kopai, Dwarka and Brahmani. Damodar is also a major river here. Rising from the hills of Bihar it flows towards the east to join the River Hoogly, which is one of the most important Rivers of West Bengal.

The main channel of River Ganga in this part of the country is the Bhagirathi. It joins the Padma in Bangladesh.

Two other very important Rivers in West Bengal are Subarnarekha and Rupnarayan.

Last Updated on 21 March 2013



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