Geography of Alwar

Geography of Alwar comprises of rivers, mountains, plains and semi-arid areas. Alwar is geographically situated between 27° 34' North Latitude and 76° 35' East Longitude at an elevation of 270 meters above sea level. Alwar city is spread over an area of 8,380 sq. km, which is 2.45% of the total area of the state of Rajasthan .

The beautiful ranges of the Aravali Hills surround the city, which act as a natural barrier for the city, protecting it from the harsh and dry winds during the summer season. The rocky ranges of the Aravallis break the undulating plateau into fragments. The city is adorned with expansive stretches of dense deciduous forests that are inhabited by rich flora and fauna.

Alwar city is bordered by Gurgaon of Haryana on the North, on its North-East lies the Bharatpur district of Rajasthan and Mahendragarh of Haryana. The capital city of Jaipur is situated on its South-West and Dausa in the south.

Around Alwar region, five rivers used to flow but to due to deforestation and mining activities the rivers dried up. Presently due to the special initiative of Tarun Bharat Sangh, rivers Arvari and Ruparel were revitalized again by using the traditional water harvesting methods and by constructing 'Johads' or small earthen check dams.

Last Updated on 19 December 2011