Purjan Vihar

Purjan Vihar is one of the landmark Alwar attractions. The beautiful garden is known for its innate aesthetic beauty. The splendid lawns of the garden were created in the 19th century and still retain the beauty of its nascent years.

Earlier called the Company Garden, Purjan Vihar of Alwar was renamed by the king, Jai Singh. The Purjan Vihar at Alwar was created under the reign of the gallant and generous king, Maharaja Shiv Dan Singh. The garden was laid out in the year 1868. The garden was beautified even further by the successive kings of Alwar. It was under the patronage of Maharaja Mangal Singh that the Simla or the summer house was constructed amidst the picturesque garden. The luxuriant lawns of the garden entices tourist who frequently visit the Purjan Vihar while on a tour of Alwar - Rajasthan .

Last Updated on 19 December 2011