Kankwari Fort, Alwar

The Alwar - Kankwari Fort is located within the buffer zone of the Sariska wildlife National Park. The old medieval fort is set amidst hillocks, lush forests full of a variety of species of animals. Located deep into the wild forest, the Alwar - Kankwari Fort is a perfect example of a Vandurga that is a jungle fort.

The Alwar, Rajasthan - Kankwari Fort is located at distance of 21 kilometers from the main gate of Sariska Sanctuary and the drive from the gate to the fort is very exciting. With the chance of spotting a tiger any moment, the tourists are sure to enjoy the ride through the forest. Camouflaged by the wildness of nature, the historic Alwar - Kankwari Fort has still retained its imposing presence. The interiors of the Alwar - Kankwari Fort is now in ruins.

Dating back to the Mughal times, the Alwar - Kankwari Fort is also historically important. Auragzeb, the son of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, captured his brother Dara Shikoh and exiled him to the Alwar - Kankwari Fort. Dara Shikoh was confined in the fort till the last day of his life. The Alwar - Kankwari Fort was constructed for this specific purpose on the orders of Aurangzeb and thousands of soldiers were appointed to monitor Dara Shikohs activities all round the clock.

The historical significance of the Alwar - Kankwari Fort and the panoramic natural surroundings, in which it is set, makes it one of the most popular tourist spot in Alwar.

Last Updated on 19 December 2011