There are a number of interesting tourist spots in the ancient Rajput state and Alwar- Pandupol is definitely one of them. Located inside the Sariska National Park, Pandupol represents the glorious combination of nature and history.

Pandupol in Sariska is believed to be the place where the Pandava brothers spent some time while in exile. According to the legends, it was at Pandupol in Sariska, Alwar, where Bhima was defeated by Lord Hanuman. Such a background has attached a significant amount of mythical and historical importance to the place which attracts a number of tourists throughout the year.

A trail through the Sariska Sanctuary leads one to the - Pandupol Temple of Lord Hanuman. The Pandupol or the Pandu Gate lies in close proximity to the Pandupol Temple. Pandupol is a naturally created arch which is a result of the action of water on limestone. The beauty of Pandupol is enhanced by the vibrant spring that originates from the rocks and cascades down the slope.

The Pandupol Temple was built 5000 years ago by Saint Nirbhaya Das. The natural beauty of the place and the historical and atheistic value of the place attracts a number of tourists to Alwar- Pandupol from all over the world. The local fair in the month of September adds to the attraction of the place. Pandupol is located at a distance of 35 kilometers and 110 kilometers from the Alwar Railway Station and the Sanganer Airport respectively.

Last Updated on 19 December 2011