Bhartrihari Temple

Bhartrihari Temple in Alwar is situated nearly 30 km from the city. Huge number of devotees from across the country comes to the temple with the belief that all their wishes will be fulfilled at this temple in Alwar. The temple has derived its name from Bhartrihari Baba, who was the ruler of Ujjain.

Some of the legends associated with the temple are that Bhartrihari Baba left his kingdom to become a saint. Several years later, he went to his wife and asked her something to eat in the form of alms. He became immortal by eating the fruit given by his wife. Devotees believe that Bhartrihari Baba was gifted with saintly powers. He once prayed to God for many years to bring water to the city that experienced acute shortage of water in those days. God was so pleased with his prayers that a stream of water emerged from a rock. It is also believed that Bhartrihari Baba buried himself alive and the temple is built on his grave.

The Bhartrihari Temple is located very close to the world famous Sariska National Park. One can reach the temple very easily by a private or hired car that is easily available from the city. It takes nearly one hour to reach the temple from Alwar.

Bhartrihari Temple in Alwar is famous both among the locals and also devotees from all over the country round the year. Even today the devotees believe that if one prays with a pure heart the Baba accepts their prayers.

Last Updated on June 14, 2021