Alwar- Bhangarh is a mysterious town in the state of Rajasthan which was a flourishing kingdom in the 17th Century but something led to its evacuation and today it is just a city of ruins. Alwar- Bhangarh was established by Madho Singh who was the brother of Raja Man Singh, a General of Emperor Akbar. Culturally rich, Bhangarh is a little village engulfed in the serenity of seclusion.

According to legends and local folk tales of Bhangarh, the city fell prey to curses and black magic which led to the complete destruction of the place. Today, there are only some temples and shrines in the region. Even the Archaeological Survey of India has prohibited people from staying at Bhangarh after dark. The most popular tale about Bhangarh speaks about the King of Sindh, who in order to avenge his insult from the queen of Bhangarh started to learn black magic. A battle between Bhangarh and Sindh led to the destruction of the kingdom and the King of Sindh died cursing Bhangarh. Since then no living soul has been able to survive in the village. However, an old medieval bazaar has been recently excavated in the region which is a must visit for tourists.

The desolated village with crumbling walls, arches and the ancient pavilions are the main tourist attractions in Bhangarh. There are a number of temples and Muslim shrines in the region, which includes the Dev Narayan Temple, Gopinath, Temple Lord Hanuman Temple, Someshwar Temple and Lord Shiva Temple.

Last Updated on 19 December 2011