People & Culture of Alwar

The people & culture of Alwar are known for their richness and diversity. Alwar is a colorful city that is rich in music, dance, art and architecture. It is home to a large number of historical forts, palaces and havelis.

Alwar, situated amidst the Aravalli chain of mountains, is home to a wide array of ethnic tribes. These tribes are the Mewatis, Banjaras, Meos and Minas who lead a nomadic lifestyle. They are skilled craftsmen who have been retaining their tradition and culture through the ages.

The people and culture of Alwar represents the quintessential lifestyle of Rajasthan . The people of Alwar are highly rigid in nature and indulge in easy living. Most of the aboriginals of Alwar are tradesmen who sell a wide variety of goods like ethnic jewelry, tie-and-dye garments and handicrafts. The women of Alwar are clad in tie-and dye saris, lehengas, patkas or dupattas. The men usually wear turbans round their heads. They are distinctly known for their traditional dressing, which includes dhoti, potia, banda, angrakhi, pachewara, dhabla, khol and bugatari.

Alwar abounds in rich and vibrant festivals that take place all through the year. The Alwar festivals are an integral part of Alwar culture and heritage. The festivals such as fancy dress, elephant polo and flower exhibitions display the local activities of the people of Alwar. These festivals arranged by the administrative body of Alwar encourage trade and tourism and accentuates the legacy of rich heritage in Alwar. Thus, it is a good way to boost up the economy of Alwar. Tourists and travelers visiting Alwar are enticed by the richness and variety in the culture and tradition of Alwar people.

Last Updated on 19 December 2011