Alwar Weather

Compared to other cities and towns of Rajasthan , Alwar weather is very moderate. The climate of Alwar is not too hot. Throughout the year Alwar experiences a dry climate, which is hot during summer, a cold winter and a monsoon season which is quite short.

The climate of Alwar is quite dry. During the summer season it is very hot, but far less than the other cities of Rajasthan. The summer season spans between the months of April and June. The Aravalli hills that enclose Alwar city protect it from the hot winds in the summers. May is the hottest month of the year when the temperature rises upto 41° Celsius. During this period the maximum temperature is approximately 41º Celsius and the minimum temperature is around 28º Celsius.

Alwar weather comes across a cold winter. The winters in Alwar are cool and pleasant spanning between November and February. The temperature during the winter season approximately varies within the range of 23° C (maximum) to 8° C (minimum). January is the coldest month of the season with temperature dropping to nearly 8 degrees Celsius.

Alwar experiences a very short monsoon. The average annual rainfall is around 57.77 cm. The average humidity of Alwar is 70 per cent. Alwar weather is very moderate, in comparison to the cities and towns of Rajasthan. The ideal time to visit the city is in the winter season in the month of September to February.

Last Updated on 19 December 2011