Bala Qila

One of the chief Alwar attractions is the Bala Qila which rises to an altitude of 300 meters above the city. The Qila is fortified on all sides with ramparts that run to 5 kilometers from north to south and 1.6 kilometers from east to west. With the ruinous remains within the premises, Bala Qila still retains the old world charm of the city of Alwar - Rajasthan .

Bala Qila was constructed before the 16th century and was visited by the gallant and chivalrous Mughal rulers of Delhi like, Babar, Akbar and Jahangir. Legend has it that the riches of the fort were usurped by Babar and presented to his son, Humayun. In the year 1775, the fort was seized by Pratap Singh.

Bala Qila in Alwar retains some of the old structures that were built within the fort. Remains of the palatial Jal Mahal and the Nukhumbh Mahal can be seen in the fort even today. Suraj Kund and the Salim Sagar stand within the fort in their ruinous state. The fort also retains the structures of 15 temples built within the fort. The fort was used to guard the royal family from external aggression. The 8 bastions and the 446 musketry openings are evidence of the strong in-built security of the fort.

Last Updated on 19 December 2011