Hisam-ud-din Usta

Hisam-ud-din Usta is one of those famous people of Bikaner who contributed significantly towards the enrichment of the Usta art in the place. Gold embossing and miniature paintings done on camel hide are the main traits of Usta art of Bikaner. Being an excellent craftsman of Usta, Hisam-ud-din Usta has received many a national awards for his exemplary work of art.

Raja Rai Singh of Bikaner first introduced the Usta art in his dominion. Developed in Iran, the art of Usta came to India through the enthusiastic efforts of the Mughals. Raja Rai Singh further encouraged this fabulous art in Bikaner, and soon the craftsmen of the place started carving a niche in the same field.

The major manifestations of Usta art in Bikaner can be seen in such places as Phool Mahal, Chandra Palace, Anoop Palace and Karan Palace. Being part of the famous Junagarh fort of Bikaner, all these places have become synonymous to the identity of Usta art. Also, the Mazaar of Amir Khushro, Rampuria Havelis, Delhi Nizamudin Oliya and Ajmer Dargah are some of the prominent locations where one can find the finest imprints of Usta art.

From metal and stone to camel hide, the art of Usta is done by the master craftsmen of Bikaner on walls, ceilings and pillars of forts and castles too. Apart from Hisam-ud-din Usta, Mr. Iqubal, Mr. Ayub Usta, Mr. Javed Hasan and Hanif Usta are also known for their outstanding mastery over the Usta art in Bikaner.

Today Bikaner is regarded as one of the exclusive places of Rajasthan where the Usta art has become a part of its heritage due to the extraordinary efforts of people like Hisam-ud-din Usta.

Last Updated on 19 December 2011